Yify Downloads in 2020 – What, Where, How and When!

No matter who you ask about their 5 favorite torrents download platforms, Yify will almost all the times be in every single list. It is also one of the pioneers of torrent downloading around the world. Downloading movies, TV shows, anime, software and many other types of files on Yify is a charm. The platform is also completely free offering users true HD movies and TV shows as well.

If you find Yify to be blocked in your part of the world, looking for ways to Unblock Yify will be what you want to do. There are some reliable Yify Proxy servers that will allow you access to the platform as well. Whichever files you need, Yify will provide when you know the how and where of the download process. No need to pay for expensive files downloading or movie streaming sites anymore. Simply download what you want and watch it when and where you want.

In this article, we will explore Yify, which is one of the best movies and other files downloading platform available. 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for movie fans. If you miss any of those great movies in this year, be sure to check Yify for available downloads. Here is some detailed information about Yify that will get you prepared for this ultra-helpful platform:

Download All Kinds of Files Anywhere

Yify is one of the most refined downloading platforms for all kinds of files. People contribute to the large database with files of their own. Hosting files on Yify is just as easy as downloading them. Fortunately, there is no shortage of hosts also called seeders on Yify. You can practically find all kinds of downloadable files on the Yify database. Simply search your required file name and it will show you matching files. Do make sure to read descriptions in order to get the best suited file for your requirements as the platform is filled with many results for the same file.

What Yify Offers?

Yify is right up there as being one of the best torrents downloading platforms. It offers very reliable downloading for the largest of files. Yify also has some of the best comments and feedback sections in all of torrent-based downloading platforms. You can easily read descriptions of the torrents you are looking for landing on best matches for your needs.

Yify Was, Is and Will Be Free

One of the best features offered by Yify is that it is completely free. It has always been free and will remain free for all its users in the years to come. There is nothing to pay for any of the torrent files that you download from Yify. All Yify Proxy servers are free as well and you can Unblock Yify using different methods for free as well. Even though you can get many paid files on the platform for free, there is no subscription charges for users who want to use the platform without any cost.

Fast and Reliable Torrent Downloads

Yify has one of the largest databases when it comes to contributors and seeders. This translates into there being a high number of file seeders for each individual file. The overall connected network makes all (or most) files downloaded at very fast speeds. Depending on your internet speed, you can get even the largest files in a few minutes. It is also one of the most reliable downloading platforms available as well. Yify is backed up by responsible moderators who have put in place a pretty secure scanning system. With this, all files uploaded are scanned and verified for any possible security threats to any of its user’s devices.

Download What You Want, When You Want

From latest movies to TV shows, modern software files to cracks, fully working game torrents to music and everything in between, Yify offers it all. It is one of the largest connected download platforms available. Yify has a degree of trust unmatched by nay other torrent-based website on the internet. Yify torrents are also available on other websites including Kickass Torrents, RARBG and more. You can download what you want and when you need it.

Yify Blocked? Use Yify Proxy Servers

Due to its nature of providing paid files for free to users, Yify often gets blocked in certain parts of the world. However, this is not where it all ends for general users. Using Yify Proxy Servers, you can easily Unblock Yify and get access to this efficient torrent platform. To Unblock Yify with some of the best working Yify Proxy servers in 2020, you will need good internet support. Here are some of the most efficient Yify Proxy servers available in early 2020:








There are some other Yify Proxy servers available as well but these mentioned above are the ones that surely work. These are verified by expert sources as well and have no threat of viruses as well. Be sure to check all of these out if the first one of the following doesn’t work in your region. These are hosted in different countries of the world where they are not blocked and are open to public from anywhere.

Unblock Yify with VPN Gateways!

Another very efficient way to Unblock Yify is to use high-quality VPN gateways. These VPN servers work by faking your device’s IP address. This makes internet providers think of your device being at a different location to where it is. These VPN servers provide various different country locations to users allowing you to access Yify and Yify Proxy servers from anywhere. Some of the best known and working VPN gateways are Tor Guard, VPN Pass, Nord VPN, Super VPN, Express VPN and/or Tor Lock. Try these out and find one that works for you enabling access to Yify from anywhere in the world.

So, How Is Yify Free Afterall?

If someone tells you they can give you that recently releases great firm for free, you would probably not believe them. Of course, there is something torrent-based platforms like Yify have to do to make a living. This happens in the form of ads on Yify and all the available Yify Proxy servers. Although, number of ads shown on Yify is far smaller than on many other similar platforms. You will however find some ads with possible redirects as well to all sorts of items, games, software etc. Make sure to have a quality torrent downloader like Bit Torrent and enjoy all your files for free.

Still No Yify? Here Are Some Yify Alternatives

Still can’t get access to Yify? No worries, we got you covered here too. Yify is without a doubt one of the best torrents downloading platforms available. If you can Unblock Yify in your region, there is no need to go for any of its alternatives. If you do however need any alternatives, here are some of the best working ones in 2020:

Kickass Torrents (KAT)

KAT or Kickass Torrents is one of the best Yify Alternatives. Although you can find Yify torrent files on KAT, it is a separate platform as well. You can find plenty of file types on KAT as well. It is also a very fast and efficient downloading platform offering movies, TV shows, games, software and more to users. Be sure to try KAT if you can’t get access to Yify for any reason in your part of the world.

The Pirate Bay

Of course, The Pirate Bay was going to be on our list of Yify Alternatives. If it wasn’t for its tendency to get blocked everywhere all that often, The Pirate Bay would still be the number 1 database for all things downloadable. If you can find it working in your part of the world, it can be the worthiest Yify alternative. It is literally the pioneer of torrent-based downloading platforms like Yify and other Yify Proxy servers.


If you are looking for a movies or TV shows file in best quality, RARBG can be your thing from the start. RARBG is only limited in its file types and that’s what is holding it to be the modern king of all thing’s torrents. There are very minimal ads on the platforms and it offers movies in highest definition possible. Its variety in movies and TV shows is all conquering as well. Be sure to check it if Yify is not available.

Final Thoughts

Are you a movie fanatic? Did you miss that recent episode of your favorite TV show? Do you need any game, software or other downloadable file?

Be sure to check Yify or go online on any of the above-mentioned Yify Proxy servers. You will most likely find what you are looking for on Yify. It is also suggested to Unblock Yify using VPN or any of the mentioned Yify Proxy databases if you find it blocked in your region. There is nothing stopping you from accessing all paid files for free on Yify. Reach out and make them yours in not time at all. Its free and always will be provided you are willing to put up with a few ads here and there.

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