Y2mate The Best YouTube Video Downloader In 2022



Y2mate is the best option for anyone who wishes to download videos for free and without any form of complications from YouTube. There are a lot of websites and apps that allow you to download videos for free on YouTube However most of these platforms aren’t free and some contain viruses that could affect your device. This is where y2mate comes in. This very app helps you to download and convert videos and audio files from YouTube It is totally virus free. To know more about y2mate I urge you to read to the very end.

What Is Y2mate?

Y2mate is a website that gives you the freedom to download video and mp3 files from YouTube. The website supports various devices which include Androids, iPhones, and iPads. You can also use your computer to access the website and download any video of your choice. The website is free from viruses and it’s safe. Downloads are free and support all kinds of video and audio formats. Y2mate has a mobile app that does the same thing as the website. We will look into the mobile app later. 

Why Use Y2mate To Download From YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is the home of videos. Where you get videos on various topics either for education or entertainment. YouTube got you covered. A lot of individuals upload their videos and audio files on YouTube for users to view. Also, YouTube is safe for every age. So the whole family can stream a video on YouTube. However, there are a lot of pop-ups and adverts that tend to distract you when streaming.

To avoid these pop-ups you will have to download these videos into your device, so you can watch them offline. But this isn’t easy since most YouTube videos are licensed. However, those that aren’t licensed can download for free using y2mate. Y2mate helps you download videos from YouTube to watch offline. I know there are other YouTube downloaders but y2mate is one of the best in the market if not the best.

How To Download Videos Using Y2mate

Downloading videos and converting is quite easy to do on y2mate. All you have to do is follow these few steps of mine and you won’t encounter any form of problem.

  • Copy the link to the video you wish to download from YouTube.
  • Visit y2mate.com and paste the link on the designated bar.
  • Next, find the file format you want the quality. Then hit the download button.
  • Click the download button again to initiate the download. When the download is complete you can find it in your device file manager.

Is that simple right? You can use these steps to download audio files too. Read on to find out more about y2mate.

Y2mate Mobile App.

The y2mate mobile app is one of the best apps to download videos and audio files from YouTube. It helps convert videos into various formats. With the app installed on your phone, all you have to do is to copy the YouTube link and paste it into the search bar. The app will quickly direct you to the video homepage where you get to download it into your phone. The download is free and easy. Just like the website, the app is also safe to download. You can download the app from the website directly.

Best Features Of Y2mate App Downloader

There are amazing features that made y2mate one of the best in the market when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube. The features include.

  • Excellent user interface
  • It supports unlimited downloads
  • It gives a smooth browsing experience
  • It is the best choice among YouTube users

Benefits of Using Y2mate To Download Videos From YouTube.

The following are a few benefits I found when using y2mate to download videos from YouTube.

 1.  Help to download favorite videos. The website or its mobile app helps you to download your favorite videos and MP3 files from YouTube. All you have to do is to follow the steps I listed above to get this done.

 2. Download multimedia files. On y2mate, you can download files in different formats. The platform helps to convert any file to different formats. It is down to you to choose which media format you would love to download. It supports mp3, mp4, and so on.

 3. Best video downloader. Y2mate is one of the best video downloaders because of its powerful tools. It helps convert video files to audio files. It works well with other sites. These are a few reasons why it’s one of the best video downloaders around.

 4. Good customer team. Y2mate customer team is one of the best. They work round the clock. If you experience any difficulty while downloading, you can contact customer service and get a quick reply from them.

 5. Resolution of videos. Y2mate unlike other video downloaders lets you import videos of different formats and help you to convert them into any quality you want. It also allows you to customize the quality of the video by adjusting the rates and selecting the file size you want.

 6. It has a chrome extension that allows you to get video links directly from YouTube.

 7. It is free and safe.

Final Verdict On Y2mate

When next you want to download videos from YouTube, you now know which best video downloader to help you out. As I earlier mentioned it is safe and free. There are no hidden charges when using y2mate. You can also convert your videos to any format of your choice. Y2mate also helps you convert videos to audio. And don’t forget it is compatible with any device. Lastly, y2mate allows you to add music files to your videos. Isn’t that great? To enjoy what y2mate has for you, go and try it out.

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