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Torrentz2 is one of the best files downloading platforms online today. It is an extension of the world renowned Torrentz website and offers all the goodies from the parent site. You can download all kinds of movies, TV shows, files, software, games and almost everything else from it. Overall ease of use and around the world available with its many Torrentz2 Proxy servers, it is surely a great option for users.

The process of getting Torrentz2 Unblocked in your region even if it may be blocked is fairly simple as well. All you need to do is to use the right methods and downloading all your required files can be simple and easy as anything. 2020 shapes to be a great year for films, modern software and all other media and files. Getting the right knowledge of Torrentz2 can provide the required downloading information for everyone around the world.

Here in this article, we will discuss the best ways to get Torrentz2 Unblocked even if it is blocked in your region. We will also tell you some of the best working Torrentz2 Proxy servers that almost guarantee seamless operation. Read below to find out more about Torrentz2 in all its glory:

How Torrentz2 Works?

Torrentz2 is a domain connected with Torrent, which is a world leading torrent-based downloading platform. The website provides a torrent file that needs to be opened in a downloading application. Bittorrent usually works fine for the purpose of offering fast and reliable download for files of all types. Overall process for Torrentz2 is pretty simple requiring only basic knowledge. Using the platform, you can get many paid apps, movies, TV shows among many other files for free.

Torrentz2 Offers Free Files Download!

Yes. Torrentz2 is a very reliable free files downloading platform. You can also get almost all types of files on it. And it is meant to be fully free for the users. All you need to do is to find the right torrents for your required movies, TV shows, software or any other files. These will be required to be opened up in a separate downloading application like Bit Torrent. If some file asks you to pay, it is probably fraudulent and will open in some other application and not Torrentz2.

What’s the Catch?

Torrentz2 is meant to be a free file downloading platform. Question then arises how does it work right! Well, like most free things on the internet, Torrentz2 also works on ads. There will be some degree of ads shown to each user during a file download process. These ads are placed there by business owners who circulate their money in their effort to spread brand awareness. 

It is not that big of a deal for most people when you consider the number of files you can then download for free. These ads can also be useful if they highlight a product or service you might need. IP tracking and intelligent ads placement means you will almost every time see relatable ads. Free files at the expense of having to watch or close a few ads, not a bad deal right!

Why Download from Torrentz2?

Are you a film fanatic and yet for any reason missed that recent film in the cinema? Torrentz2 will be the perfect place to be for you. Getting Torrentz2 Unblocked will be the best option for a lot of other people as well. If you cannot get access to any software, TV shows or other files, Torrentz2 is the answer you are looking for. The platform also has the latest games listed as well.

Torrentz2 Is Fast, Free and Reliable

When downloading any kind of file from the internet, you need a platform that is reliable as it is fast at the same time. Usually, torrent-based downloaders get rated badly because of their inability to have a large number of seeders that allow for faster downloads. Torrentz2 on the other hand offers some of the fastest downloads. It has a high number of seeders for all files listed on the platform. 

Additionally, Torrentz2 also allows for reliable and secure downloads. Its moderators are always quite vigilant in developing virus free software. All files uploaded on the platform get screened for safety. Yet, like all other torrent-based platforms, Torrentz2 can simply not guarantee virus free downloading. It is however, one of the most reliable, fast and free downloading platforms available.

Torrentz2 Might Be Blocked in Your Part of the World

It is not very uncommon to see Torrentz2 blocked in many parts of the world. Due to its nature, moderators and administrators don’t like to see the platform offering paid files for free. There can be bans put on it depending on where you live. Yet, there are a few methods that might still land you in the right place to download from the platform. Some of these methods are listed below:

Torrentz2 Proxy Servers

If you can’t access the Torrentz2 main site in your region, it is time to give Torrentz2 Proxy servers a go. These are hosted at different places around the world where they might not be blocked yet and be available for the masses. Torrentz2 Proxy servers are organized and administered by its moderators who are always working to provide the best downloading experience for the users. Below are some of the working Torrentz2 Proxy servers in early 2020 that you must try:


All of these Torrentz2 Proxy servers are working as if the publishing of this article in early 2020. Be sure to try out these in their order as starting from the top are the most efficient ones we have tried. These are some of the best ways to get Torrentz2 Unblocked even if the main server might be blocked in your region.

Torrentz2 Unblock with VPN

Another way to get Torrentz2 Unblocked in your region is to get quality VPN applications. There are quite a few VPN extensions and applications available that provide the best Torrentz2 Unblocked service. These fake your temporary IP address making internet trackers think you are actually in a different part of the world than you actually are. TorLock, VPN Gate, Nord VPN, Super VPN Guard and/or Expressvpn are some of the best working VPN servers available today. 

Why Do You Need Torrentz2 Alternatives?

Even with the best Torrentz2 Proxy servers and Torrentz2 Unblock with VPN methods, you might still not get access to it. You might also simply not like the interface or your required file is not available on it too. For all these reasons and more, you can go the Torrentz2 Alternatives way. Here are some of the best working and reliable Torrentz2 Alternatives you can look at:

KAT or Kickass Torrents

Known around the world for being one of the best torrents downloading platforms, Kickass Torrents or KAT is truly a great Torrentz2 alternative. The platform hosts all types of files you can ever need. Simply, whatever can be downloaded from the internet, will most likely be available one KAT. It also has many working KAT proxy servers that make it available around the world. Number of seeders for each file is always great and you get faster speeds usually as well.


Everyone knows RARBG right! Established more than a decade ago, it is now so famous that everyone comes across it from time to time. RARBG also allows for the widest collection of downloadable Movies and TV series as well. If you are on the internet to download any movies or TV Shows, RARBG is the best place to be. For content files, it is probably the best available Torrentz2 Alternative in most regions of the world.


When looking for files of different kinds for downloading, LimeTorrents is a name that comes to most people’s minds instantly. The platform is filled with torrent files of all kinds and allows users to get access to whatever they cannot otherwise. From films to TV series, software to cracks, games to anime and all else in between, LimeTorrents has all those files you can ever need. Be sure to also check for working LimeTorrents proxies if there is no access to the platform in your region.

The Pirate Bay

Probably the big daddy of them all, The Pirate Bay is a world leader when it comes to anything downloadable. It is also a torrent-based downloading platform and one of the best Torrentz2 Alternatives when it works. It is so famous that it also gets most blocking attempts around the world. However, when you can get it to work, the variety and range of files that it has with speed and reliability of download are truly unmatched.

Final Verdict

Having considered all the various downloading methods and Torrentz2 Proxy servers with its alternatives as well, we would like to tell you that you will not get the same experience anywhere else. Try the Torrentz2 main website for your first go. Move towards mentioned Torrentz2 Proxy servers if that doesn’t work. Get Torrentz2 Unblock with VPN if those don’t work as well. The platform will provide you with the best downloads with minimal fuss and full reliability at all times. Enjoy!

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