What Are Most Common Av Mistakes And How To Deal With Them


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The choice of an Av has a very prominent and vital impact on your event. For sure, your event will run seamlessly by incorporating a great Av. Because only that Av can enhance your vision and makes the achievement of your goals easier. Alternatively, simple Av mistakes can annoy your guests. It results in bad word of mouth, because of which you can lose prospective clients. The bad Av mistake can be selecting a projector that fails when your keynote speaker is presenting. The projector failure will destroy the impact of the message. Due to this, the audience will get nothing except regret.

You need to manage the various moving parts of an even, which is very stressful. It’s natural that in stress some components slip from the cracks. Sometimes, the most important things about Av get overlooked. But we all know that Av is the most important component of any kind of event. Furthermore, it seems overwhelming because of the terms associated with this component. Fortunately, every event producer has an opportunity of seeking help from Av Equipment Hire London. But still, there are many mistakes relevant to Av that event producers make.

Av Mistakes Made By Event Producers:

Check out the list of mistakes below and make sure that you avoid them in your next event.

1.   Late Hiring Of Av Agency:

Keep that in mind, the first vendor you hire for your event must be the Av agency. The ideal time of hiring that agency is before signing a contract. Because they can assist you with which venue can be best for the event. The venue you choose for the event must be in line with the needs of an event. Additionally, their presence can save you from paying the additional cost of the venue. This will assist you in finding the best venue at the most affordable price.

2.   The Mindset Of Depending On In-House AV:

Before signing a contract with an in-house Av provider, compare the cost and benefits with an independent Av. Don’t take your burden away by comparing it to one company. Compare with all the best possible alternatives you have. Many in-house Av agencies provide convenient services to the event producers. But utilizing this service can be very costly. Moreover, the benefits of in-house Av can’t compensate for its drawbacks. Independent AV is better because they work for you, not for the venue.

3.   Not Properly Getting Your Av Quote:

The AV quotes of some agencies seem like a language of a different world. For individuals who are absolutely unaware of the technical terms, it becomes more challenging. When event producers realize it’s within budget, they sign the contract. Never do this; it’s the biggest blunder you’ll ever make. Ask the team of Av Equipment Hire London to explain each thing in a layman’s language. If you don’t understand something, keep asking questions until you are satisfied. Because it is important to ensure that you are getting the right equipment for the event. You can also do your homework by studying the online Av quote guideline. This is the most effective method for making the greatest decision for your event.

4.   Not Being Able To Identify Rigging Points:

There are chances of suspending anything from the ceiling. As a result, rigging is a significant consideration for your event. A rigging point is a location where you can hang any type of Av equipment that you allow. You need to work with the Av company to identify which Av equipment you will hang with the ceiling. The next stage is to figure out how many spots there will be where equipment will have to be hung. Always give preference to the heavy items and ensure that they get enough support. Rigging points must be planned ahead of time for the safety of the equipment and the people. While signing a contract identify whether a company is charging extra money for rigging points or not. If they are not a part of a contract negotiate on it before signing a contract.

5.   Overlooking An Audio Aspect:

It doesn’t take time to notice bad audio at your event. This kind of drawback can make guests leave at an alarming rate. You have to test the experience of the audio from the very first row to the back row. If the venue is large make use of the delayed speakers for providing additional sound. If there is an additional Av requirement let the London Av Equipment Hire know in advance. Let’s suppose, you are going to introduce a surprise performance at your event, Av company can suggest to you the best speakers. In case of not telling Av company, the performance won’t be able to make the desired impact.

6.   Neglection Of Av Team:

Treat the Av team as your partners because they are on your side. They are concerned about making your event the best it can be. Don’t make them feel like an element behind the scene. It’s necessary that they feel like a part of your event. The simplest approach to do this is to express gratitude. A little bit of attention will go a long way and they will be willing to make extra effort for your event. If a disaster strikes your event, they do their best to prevent you from the outcomes of it. How soothing it is if someone considers your problem as his problem.

7.   Negligence In Communicating Event Changes:

The biggest blow can strike your event if you fail to communicate changes in your event. If you make any schedule changes, let your Av company know immediately. This will help you in analyzing the effect on your budget by getting an updated AV quote.

Summing Up:

If you want to see your event successful, you can’t overlook the impact of Av at any cost. So, for your next event, you have to avoid the above mistakes. Because their impact can be extremely disastrous for any event. The assistance of a professional of Av agency like Av Productions can take your event to a new level of an amazing experience.

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