Tips to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer

No one gets married and plans a divorce and what starts out as wedded bliss can quickly lose its attraction and the reality of living with another person sinks in. Break-ups are stressful and when both parties agree that the relationship has come to an end, the time has come to discuss asset division and other aspects of the relationship, which might involve child custody and support. It is essential that you seek the services of a good divorce lawyer, as your partner will no doubt be doing the same.

Here are a few tips when looking for a good divorce lawyer in Orange County.

  • Ask friends – You may know people who have recently separated or divorced; why not ask them how they feel about the legal service they had? If a person has a smooth and positive experience with a professional, they are likely to recommend the service to their friends and you might get lucky and be in the right place at the right time.
  • Look for an established law practice – If you can find a firm of divorce lawyers with a solid reputation within your local community, they would be the ideal choice. Start with a Google search to get a list of local law firms and check out a few websites, looking at testimonials as you go.
  • Go with your inner feeling – Once you start communicating with the legal people, take note of the way they respond; a good lawyer is a good listener and it is comforting to be around people with empathy. Ending a long relationship is an emotional experience and it takes a special kind of person to act on another’s behalf in a court of law, while also offering emotional support. Some people take this opportunity to make a career switch
  • Fast response – When you call your lawyer, you want his or her undivided attention and messages or missed calls should be returned in a timely manner. While a top divorce lawyer would be a very busy person, they would have a good PA and a system that enabled effective communication.
  • Google is your friend – When looking to talk to a local divorce lawyer, Google can bring up a list of law firm websites, where you will find a number and you can talk to a legal expert and make an initial appointment. Start at the top and work your way down the list until you find a local divorce lawyer who will listen to your needs and offer the best advice.
  • Don’t delay – There’s no point in sitting on it, if you feel the relationship is done and irreparable, the smart thing to do is talk to a lawyer and follow their advice. Your partner will certainly be talking to a lawyer and in order to improve your chances of a favorable outcome, you need a good lawyer who has extensive divorce experience.

You might be the victim of domestic violence, something that is on the rise and whatever the circumstances, violence should not be tolerated. If you seek out a good divorce lawyer, you can be sure that nothing is overlooked and you can make an amicable agreement with your ex-partner.

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