Tips on Passing CCNA Certification Exam

While planning to change a job, Leo got a glimpse of the Cisco certification training online. The course content appealed to Leo. He thought that though he had some experience in IT relevant fields, he still needed solid understanding of network theories as foundation and relevant certifications to enhance his competitiveness. After careful consideration, Leo was resolved to participate in Cisco CCNP certification courses, hoping that his competitiveness could be strengthened.

The biggest advantage of Cisco network engineer certification training lies in that the elucidation of network technologies goes deeper as you learn, from the basis like how to make the crystal head and how to measure cables to pragmatic applications such as the realization of expandable network, construction of multi-layer exchange network and knowledge of achieving the secure convergence of WAN, optimizing network and network security and wireless network, etc. Combined with a considerable number of experiments and expound of CCIE specialized lecturers, you will learn practical technologies. It is also easier for you to pass the probation period.


Setting the goal of passing the certification exam and mastering technologies, Leo said frankly that since he was released from work to have classes, he has tightened up his nerve. When the classes were finished, after every two-week review, he took one exam. Around three and a half months, he has procured the CCNA certification and CCNP certification. According to Leo, his pace was not the fastest. Another candidate studied assiduously whose review speed was the quickest. He took training for one and a half months while taking exams. When the courses were finished, he also finished all exams.

Though time was a bit urgent, Leo was quite satisfied that the gap of professional knowledge and certifications has been filled within three and a half months. What is worth mentioning is that Leo procured the score of 1000 on CCNA exam? He believed it was the result of hard work.


Leo said, the experimental operation was crucial while attending training. Candidates should have adequate equipment to practice. Fortunately, the training institution SPOTO has complete CCIE lab network equipment. Enough time is given to perform operations. While learning and operating, candidates can configurate network equipment in accordance with course content. This is very useful to combine knowledge and practices so as to solidify the whole knowledge structure.

Leo added that this is the good side of taking part in training. The exam direction is pointed out and the scope is also marked out clearly. Through the theory-practice combined teaching by teachers, students can learn the real skills.

When asked if there are some knacks for CCNP and CCNA practice, Leo replied that CCNA and CCNP exams were not difficult. There were not very complicated grammars and sentence structures. Reading enough materials can enable you to handle. When reviewing, apart from reviewing textbooks and notes, Leo would consult classmates and teachers about difficult questions. Returning home, he would make a review again by comparing textbooks and notes and use the simulator downloaded from the Internet to strengthen the familiarity of instructions and the ability to troubleshoot. At the final stage, teachers would assign mock questions and tests so that candidates could be familiar with the exam procedure. At the moment, Leo was very confident about the exam.

“What I value is not the exam score but the knowledge I have learned from the training and the capabilities I have acquired.” Leo said.

Cisco CCNP certification training was ended and Leo successfully takes the position of system engineer in a company. CCNA and CCNP certifications lower the threshold of finding a job, and working opportunities are hence increased. Salary is also increased.

Albeit nice results, Leo keeps learning. He believes he still needs more improvement. The commencement of CCNP training is not an end but a new start. Further education is required when new technologies emerge.

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