All you need to know about Vwxpix before using it.

What Is VwxPix? The well-known multimedia messaging service Vzwpix is produced by the American telecom firm Verizon. Similar to many other Verizon services, the service was once fairly well-liked. By putting the sender’s phone number in the message, Vzwpix enables users to send and receive multimedia messages over the internet. Users of other users’ phones … Read more

All you need to know about Facebook Touch and it’s advantages over The Normal App

Facebook is a household name in the world. The social media giant has drawn a lot of internet users to itself since the day it was launched. Survey as that about 30% of the world’s internet users visit Facebook once or twice a day, while the majority stay longer. That is why the owners try … Read more

6Stream One of the best sites to stream US-based sports

NBA and NFL fans get in here let me show you the best platform you can use to stream your favorite NFL and NBA teams. 6streams a free live streaming platform is the best place to watch all your favorite US-based sports. It is free and simple to use. Live matches are in high definition … Read more

Throw the best birthday party for your five-year-old!

best birthday party for your five-year-old!

It’s your five-year old’s birthday next week. And, looking at the attention span of a toddler, you might have realized that you need a solid plan for the birthday party. The planning and execution need to be fun and engaging as kids can be fussy over small things and facts. Are you planning to have … Read more

10 Great Recent Thriller Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

There have been hundreds of movies in the last decade alone. A recent movie can be one that came out last fall. Or, as my 80-year-old dad who has trouble with his Windstream online bill pay would say, anything after 1990 is recent. A thriller is even more difficult to pin down. Most thrillers merge … Read more