Spyic – The Best App to Monitor A Phone That Belongs to Someone Else



“Have you gifted a branded phone to your kids on his demand, and you are simply worried that your child might lose it because of his/her careless nature.”

So chill and relax we will take care of all your worries.

Who are we?

Spyic! We are the best app to monitor a phone that belongs to you.

So how do we work, might be your next question?

Gear up your seat belt; we will take you on tour with Spyic and provide you with in-depth knowledge of our working process. Also, here are some great ideas for getting started with tracking someone’s location. 

Let’s Have an Overview of Spyic

Spyic is extraordinary compared to another wireless operative programming that can do all that you require on the phone. You can monitor any phone (iOS or Android) distantly through this application. It has many users above 190 nations.

Further, neither you need to root your device nor do we need access to your phone. You can likewise utilize it on any internet browser or viable gadget. There is no requirement for any application establishment.


Besides, Spyic has been offering different qualities alongside guaranteeing the security of its client.

However, this will momentarily clarify Spyic’s features alongside its benefits, including text messages reader, call tracker, photos and multimedia files monitor, history browser and GPS locator.

  • Text message Reader

You can see the substance of the message, the time logs, and the subtleties of the individual sending and accepting the message.

  • Call tracker

Spyic is significantly simpler to keep an eye on the call log of a mobile phone. It provides information about the contacted telephone number, dialed, received, and missed calls. Furthermore, you become acquainted with subtleties.

  • Photos and multimedia files monitor

Spyic can monitor a variety of famous web-based media applications, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. You can understand messages, see interchanged documents, view contacts, pictures, and recordings that are put away on the concerned person’s gadget. Spyic gives you a look at the photograph display. You can download any media records here for a later survey.

  • History browser

You can retrieve the device’s internet browser history. You get a record of recently visited sites with site portrayals and timestamps. You can sort out the most-visited websites with this information.

  • GPS locator

Spyic utilizes the phone’s inbuilt GPS tracker for its activities. You can see road names, structures, and neighborhoods. The application additionally incorporates 3D views for extra-precise monitoring.

Here are some of the USP which users like the most.

  • No root or jailbreak
  • Stealth mode
  • Web-based interface

No root or jailbreak

With Spyic, to monitor the wireless, you don’t need to root an Android telephone or jailbreak an iPhone. The application is among simply a small bunch of applications that have measured all things being equal; it depends on the most recent innovation.

Furthermore, when you root or jailbreak a cell, you arbitrate its security. Most importantly, it requires technical abilities and sets aside a great deal of effort to achieve.

  • Stealth mode

Each device’s monitoring movement in Spyic happens in secrecy. Notwithstanding, Spyic Android form’s secrecy method makes it run in the framework, 100% covered up. It additionally utilizes an immaterial measure of framework assets, so there isn’t anything totally to stress over.

  • Web-based interface

At this point, when you are utilizing Spyic, you wouldn’t need to download and install any application on your device or PC to monitor other gadgets. Spyic works through a web dashboard that opens in any internet browser.

This gives you an unheard portability level and empowers you to follow the objective client through any gadget. All you will require is the username and secret word of your Spyic dashboard.

Here another inquiry that rings a bell, do we charge for the membership as the cash you will be paying is your hard-earned money?

Indeed, we do charge for the membership. You can choose the Basic, Premium, or the Family plan as per your necessities. Besides, the estimating is incredibly sensible. The Spyic application also permits you to pick the installment plan as a month’s permit, a quarter of a year permit, and a year permit.

Here the simple steps for the configuration process.

Step 1

Visit the Spyic website, signup for the account. The prompt will occur and will ask you to choose the operating system. Ensure to choose the plan as per your necessities.

Step 2

Configure the phone who intends to monitor.

  1. A) For Android cell phones, you need to download the app and permit it to access the data.


  1. B) For the iPhone, installation is not required. The only thing you require to enter is the Apple ID. Once you are done with all the credential processes, click “verify.”

The installation process hardly takes a few minutes.

Step 3

Let Spyic sync with the content on the phone via the dashboard. after completion Spyic will prompt to click finish.

Step 4

Login to your dashboard and start the monitoring process of your phone. However, the dashboard grants access to monitor all the features on the device.


Well, I guess I have resolved all your queries and evaluated its aspect. However, now you can relate as to why Spyic is one of the best things to monitor or spy.

It’s one of the most reliable apps which offers the lowest price so that every individual can benefit from it.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your subscription with Spyic today!

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