Five Online Safety Software for Kids



Ensuring kids’ safety was never as tough and tedious as it’s in today’s digital era. Many unseen foes can harm your kid in a way that you can’t imagine. 

I can say this with full confidence as I have experienced them.  I have seen my kid suffering a lot just because of a wrong application. But, that was in the past. At present, I can have a good night’s sleep while my kid can use the phone without any supervision. 

Wondering how? It’s possible because of online safety software that I get to know when things started going south for my kid in the online world. 

With the help of this online safety software, I can keep tabs on my kid’s phone activities without sending a whiff of this to anyone. Want to know more about such software? This article is just for that. 

Here, I am going to talk about the top five online safety software solutions that you use to monitor your kids’ phone activities in the virtual space. 

#1 – Neatspy – Making Online World A Better Place for Your Kids


The online world is useful but not always. Many hidden dangers are waiting for you there. As soon as you make a mistake, they screw the things. But, this can be prevented with the help of Neatspy solution.  

Neatspy is feature-rich and robustly designed online safety software that anyone can use without any qualms. With the help of this software, parents can have an eagle’s eye that will keep tabs on your kids’ presence in the online world. 

Millions of people in 190 countries have trusted Neatspy when it comes to kids’ safety. Neatspy can protect your kids from various kinds of dangers effortlessly. This is why many leading media houses have praised it time and again. 

Here are some of the merits of Neatspy that set it apart from the rest of the market players:

  • Risk-free assistance

As long as Neatspy is at your service, there is nothing to be worried about. It works without the help of rooting/jailbreak which means tons of potential dangers are away from you. 

  • Data-safety of premium grade

While ensuring the online safety of your kids, you must never put your crucial data at stake. This is why Neatspy has developed a technology that doesn’t save data on servers and keeps your data 100% safe and secure.

  • Fuss-free facilities

One of the key reasons that the world is going crazy over Neatspy is that it doesn’t make the things complex. Rather it simplifies the process of phone monitoring for iOS and Android users like anything. 

For iOS, it offers a 100% browser-based tool that works without any download and installation. Also, its Android solution shares great similarities with any regular Android app. Hence, you won’t have to learn anything new to know how things will work. 

  • Far-reaching monitoring

The kind of activities that your child can do in the online world is not fathomable. 

But, Neatspy can keep tabs on all of them. Yes, all of them. It can find out what all webpages your kid visited, which content has been seen, what videos have been shared over social media platforms, etc.  

  • Stalwart performance 

Neatspy will capture data in real-time and each entry is available with timestamps. So, data verification can be done without any worries and hassles. 

#2 – Spyic

The second spot of our list is occupied by Spyic, a feature-loaded tool that has won millions of hearts by now. When it comes to ensuring the kids’ safety in the online world, Spyic has a commendable track record. 

Many parents can have a good night’s sleep just because of Spyic as this tool is able to:

  • Keep tabs on various kinds of activities that a child can do in the online space without even bringing it into anyone’s notice.  
  • Alert the parents when their kids are using the internet in the wrong manner as it does real-time monitoring. 

#3 – Spyier


If you’re a parent that doesn’t want to let your kid suffer just because of the wrong use of the internet while not spending tons of money on software then Spyier is the best bet. 

With the help of this tool, you can keep tabs on around 35 phone activities at a mere expense of $10.  

At such an affordable cost, Spyier can help you do: 

  • Real-time monitoring of your kid as it captures data in real-time. 
  • You can find out what all web-pages your kid is browsing and which content they are downloading from the internet. You can find out the entire web-browsing history. 

#4 – Minspy 


As long as Minspy is monitoring your kids’ online presence, there is nothing to be worried about. This tool is built with some of the most advanced AI and software technology that keeps tabs on every activity in real-time. 

Minspy is the best bet to make as: 

  • It operates very stealthily. No one can find out that you’re keeping tabs on your kid’s online presence. 
  • It’s an easy-to-use tool. You don’t have to be tech-whiz to use it. Your normal phone and web-operating skills are enough to operate it.  
  • It’s pocket-friendly. At $10 per month, you can monitor around 35 phone activities with full accuracy. 


#5 – Spyine


Feature-packed, easy-to-use, and reliable are the words that we would use to describe Spyine.  This online safety software is equipped with every resource that one might need to protect their kids from the dangers of the cyber world. 

When Spyine is at work: 

  • You will be able to get detailed web-browsing history over a single click. This history will help you find out what your kid does in the online world the whole day.  
  • Your kid will never be able to find out that you’re eyeing on his/her activities as it works super clandestinely. 

Ensure your kid’s safety by all mean 

With the help of the right online safety software, you can keep many types of digital world dangers and hassles at bay and ensure your kid’s safety. 

All the five options that we discussed here are reliable. But, Neatspy has managed to win our and millions of other hearts with its flawless performance. It is definitely better than other options when data safety and security is concerned. 

So, stop fearing what your kids might be doing over the internet. Just use any of the online safety software and unearth the truth.

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