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Missed that favorite movie in the cinema? Couldn’t find time to see that weekly episode of your favorite TV show? Worry now more. Putlocker is your dream destination to refresh that bit of media that you are missing instantly. Not only can you download HD movies, TV shows and all kinds of other media on the platform, but can also stream it live.

Putlocker can be connected on any size of screens offering a movie experience like no other. You can now become part of that social circle that is always talking about a recent movie or TV show release. Putlocker is one of the best movies and TV shows downloading or streaming platforms available today. When you know how to get your content from the platform, you can get the absolute finest quality available on the internet.

It is also one of the easiest content sharing servers to operate. Putlocker offers high-quality media and content consumption offering many HD settings for users. Be sure to read through and find all the information you need to stream of download your favorite movies and TV Shows on Putlocker.

Download Your Favorite Movies Now!

Did you miss that outing with friends to the local cinema for the recent blockbuster movie? With Putlockers, you can now download all missed content including films and TV shows from the comfort of your sofa. No more buying CDs and DVDs, simply click on the right links and get your hands on your favorite film in 2020. Putlocker has one of the widest collections of films and TV Shows that will have what you are looking for. Download content and view it on your favorite device.

Connect on Any Device!

In addition to providing one of the best movies downloading platforms, Putlocker also allows live streaming of Movies and TV Shows. Connect any device including LED TVs, large monitors, advanced personal computers or any others through the internet and enjoy your content anywhere anytime. Putlockers also allow you to stream your content in many different required HD settings. Choose a setting that works for you and enjoy the content in highest of pixel densities.

Play, Pause, Rewind – You Have the Control

Why watch your films and TV shows when they are streamed and you cannot control the flow? With Putlockers, you can now control the pace, time and place of what you watch. Play it when you have time and feel like watching. Pause, when there is a piece of work needed to be taken care of or that important phone call that you must take. Rewind that amazing clip for your favorite movie or TV show. Get control of your media and download or stream what you like when you like.

Do You Find Putlocker Blocked?

With its controversial nature of operation, Putlocker can be blocked in certain regions of the world. Most major countries of the world have Putlocker blocked through one way or the other. However, that is still not the end of the world for your movie and TV show watching charm. Knowing the right processes, you can still get on the platform and get content you are looking for. There are a few ways of getting on Putlockers from your devices. These include:

Putlocker Proxies!

The good folks at Putlocker have been kind enough to recognize the problem at hand. They have identified the problem that many of us have while getting Putlockers blocked in our regions. One of the best proposed solutions is to use Putlocker Proxies that are open. The list of 2020 Putlocker Proxies that is open and offers all content on the platform is perfect for any user. There are also many different Putlocker Proxies available that will help you find one that is properly working in your region. 

These do the trick by being hosted in regions of the world where they are not blocked. Some are dynamic and change their URL every time a user logs on to them. Whichever way they might be utilizing, here are few Putlocker Proxies that will provide you access to this efficient platform:






Make sure to try all of them if the first one doesn’t work for you. Different Putlocker Proxies work for different regions of the world. Once you find one that is working for you, bookmark it and logon anytime you feel the need for it.

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Use Quality VPN to Unblock Putlocker

If for any reason, no Putlocker Proxies are working for you, there is still a way that can land you perfectly on the platform. It is through using high-quality VPN servers. These VPN databases mask your IP address. These tell the internet service blocking authorities that you are situated in a different place in the world. This temporary fake location for your system lets you browse Putlocker for free. There are some paid VPN servers that do the job beautifully. There are also some free ones that work just as good. Be sure to try Super VPN, Nord VPN, VPNGate, TorGuard and/or Express VPN to get what you need. 

Putlocker Is Free

Another great feature Putlocker offers to users from around the world is that it is absolutely free. Only expense you have to pay is maybe go through a few ads on the platform. Clicking on the links, you might be shown some ads with the possibility of a few redirected URLs. If you find an ad that is useful to you, click and browse its website. If not, simply ignore and close the panel shown to continue to your movie or TV show. Its free, any little hassle you might have to put with, shouldn’t be a big problem at all.

Why Putlocker?

When looking for a reliable movie downloading and live streaming service, Putlocker is often the number 1 option for many. It provides high-definition content for everyone to enjoy at any time. No longer you have to rely on cinemas for latest movies or be glued to your sofa at specific times for those favorite TV shows. It can all be enjoyed anytime you feel like it. Simply download or live stream everything on your device and never have to go anywhere at all.

Putlocker Proxies are simple and efficient ways to get on the platform. Without needing to do much effort, you can get your favorite movies and TV shows on different Putlockers. It is a free platform that allows for some of the best live streaming of movies and TV shows. Enjoy your content live streamed to any device in any quality setting and never have to pay a penny at all.

Putlockers Alternatives – Never Say Never!

Still can’t get on Putlocker? Is Putlockers not living up to your expectations? Don’t bother. There are plenty more good ones out there. You simply need to know where to look and how to get movies and films. If all those Putlocker Proxies are not working for you, try one of the below listed Putlocker Alternatives. These are some of the best working Putlocker Alternatives in 2020 and will provide perfect media and content usage for everyone.

The Pirate Bay


Who doesn’t know The Pirate Bay! From movies to TV shows, games to software, files to cracks, Pirate has it all. If it wasn’t for its tendency to get blocked and all its content taken down from time to time, The Pirate Bay would have been the greatest downloading platform. However, like RARBG, you cannot live stream much from the platform. Putlocker will be the finest platform available when looking to live stream. But for downloads, when it’s available The Pirate Bay is one of the worthiest Putlockers Alternatives. 

Los Movies

With a 2000-page long collection of movies to choose from, Los Movies is truly a great platform for downloads. It offers all new, old and everything in between when it comes to times of release. You can also click on any specific movie genres and browse movie types that you love and watch. What’s bugging Los Movies down is the overabundance of ads and pop-ups. You just get so many that the link you need gets lost anywhere in between. However, for expert browsers who know their way around these unwanted links, Los Movies can be one of the best Putlockers Alternatives.

Kickass Torrents


And then there is Kickass Torrents or short form KAT. It has become the new king for torrent-based downloads on the internet in quick time. There are many Kickass Torrents proxies to choose from as well. The website also is home to all kinds of files you can ever find on the internet. It is also one of the fastest downloading platforms available with a boosted number of seeders. Do give KAT a try when looking for some of the best Putlocker Alternatives. It will not let you down and will provide exactly the films and TV shows that you are looking for.



Most of the Putlocker Alternatives that we have here are download-based. When looking for a truly live streaming based alternative to Putlocker, Popcornflix is one of the best ones available. From a large enough collection of movies to satisfy anyone’s appetite to having an easy way of operation, the platform offers it all. And yes, you can get on it from various devices including modern LED TVs, laptops, smartphones and more. The platform also offers movie genres to browse with some of the highest definition results popping up as well. Give it a try when looking to direct stream your favorite content.

Watch Series Online


From a success in the yesteryear to a modern-day TV series sensation, Watch Series Online offers some of the best TV series. The platform is a charm to browse offering TV Shows of all kinds the best place to be enjoyed from. Recently updated TV Shows lists include weekly updates from all your favorite shows. Watch freely with an ad-free experience once you have started playing your TV shows. Never have to wait for any specific time for your episode to play. Watch it anytime anywhere. If only it could offer movies like Putlocker as well.



Combining movies and TV Shows into one place and also allowing downloading with quality live streaming, SolarMovie is one of the best Putlockers Alternatives. If you can’t get on Putlockers and are a Movie or TV Show fanatic, be sure to give SolarMovie a go. The platform has a wide range of movies and TV shows that can be streamed or downloaded in a variety of options. Play your content in your favorite way and enjoy the happy time from anywhere. The site also has one of the best designs available offering an intuitive way to navigate to your favorite movies.


123movies alternatives

From recently added TV Series to all recent movie releases, 123Movies has it all. When it comes to a bug-free movie and TV show experience, this is one of the best options available. It is also one of the worthiest Putlockers Alternatives as well. Number of ads and pop-up links you have to navigate through are relatively less here as well. 123Movies also offers one of the largest movie collections available on the internet as well. You will feel right at home when coming from Putlocker with 123Movies. Be sure to check it out and use a VPN server if it is blocked in your part of the world.



Last on our list but not least by any stretch of imagination is Primewire. The website has nicely organized movies and also allows visitors to search for their required titles. There are some great quality options to choose from. Featured Movies section provides great movie suggestions to choose from. TV shows are also available in great detail and variety. You will also be able to connect this platform from many different devices. This one is also on the high side of ads and will take you to many alternative or redirected URLs but with a sweet end of course. Be sure to check this Putlocker Alternative to enjoy your favorite films and movies.



When looking for Putlockers Alternatives, you should definitely try RARBG. The platform is one of the oldest and most efficient ones available today. It is also one of the richest when it comes to selection and collection of movies and TV shows. RARBG is also home to world leading collection of software, games, anime and much more. You will not be heading to any other downloading platforms once you get used to RARBG. However, unlike Putlockers, there is not much option to live stream content from RARBG. You will have download and enjoy on any specific devices without the option to live stream from anywhere anytime. Still pretty amazing if you ask us.

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