How Is It Possible to Send Fax from iPhone

iPhones are sophisticated phones with serious bottlenecks. The price that people pay for an iPhone is inversely proportional to iPhone’s compatibility with even basic utility apps. When it comes to business communications, iPhones do pose restriction on functionalities of utilities.

The ability to send or receive fax on iphone is garnering popularity. Many iphone users were immediately perplexed wondering if this utility will be bottlenecked in an iPhone.But, there is a free fax app for iPhone as well. It is called CocoFax.

What is CocoFax

CocoFax is an app that provides web browser and app based virtual online faxing facilities. Your iPhone can turn into a full fledged fax machine that sends and receives fax by virtue of CocoFax.

A lot of iPhone users trust CocoFax with their seamless fax transmissions. When it comes to faxes, they are one of the most reliable ways of official communication. Virtual faxes are in fact garnering a lot of popularity for the sake of secure business procedures and communications.

It is important to know that a mobile phone (smartphone) and a fax machine operate on two different mediums. The former is driven by digital mode and the later by analogue telecommunication mode.

CocoFax acts as a super efficient transmitting channel that converts the line of message (digital to telephonic and vice versa). This enables you to send an email directly to a fax machine or directly receive a fax, without the hindrance of lack of common modes.

Why is CocoFax Best for your iPhone

Compatibility with the iPhone can be a tricky scenario and there is no app that does it better than CocoFax. It is for a reason that many iPhone users trust this app with their fax requirements.

There are abundant reasons that prove why CocoFax is the best faxing alternative for an iPhone amidst other virtual fax providers. The below points highlight why CocoFax must be preferred for iPhone:

  1. a) Efficient Online Dashboard

CocoFax boasts of a very well interfaced online dashboard. It is convenient to use, even for the first time users. The access to this dashboard can be done through the web app of CocoFax. On creating an account with CocoFax, accessing this dashboard helps in managing the sent and received faxes.

The interface is clean and simple with easy divisions of relevant tabs. It would not take one a lot of time to get used to CocoFax’s interface. Through an iPhone as well, surfing through the web based app is possible and can be done in a hassle free manner.

  1. b) Email Fax

Emails have become an inherent part of our official communication. This makes emails essentially to be embedded on our phones. With compatible top free international calling apps for all major emails like gmail, outlook, etc. on an iPhone, sending faxes through them becomes all the more easier.

This is done by virtue of using emails to send the faxes. CocoFax’s interface plays a very simple yet important role here. Let’s understand the process here. Sending a fax would almost be like sending an email.

The point of conjunction between email and fax machine would be the email ID. All you need to know here is the fax number of the recipient under question. If you are aware of that, sending a fax would take no longer than a few minutes.

Let us suppose the fax number of the recipient is 0123456. Now, in order to send this fax machine a document, you must have it go through CocoFax. So, the recipient email that you actually will enter in the receipt column would be the

In the above stated case, the same would be That is it. You do not even need to mention a subject line or a body of text. What is important to know that you can attach the document that needs to be faxed as an ‘attachment’ to the email?

The attachments can be in all major preferred formats like .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .png and .jpg. So, all you actually need to insert is the document that needs to be faxed and the fax number with CocoFax suffix. Once hit send, the document will immediately go to the intended fax machine.

That’s it. Once you hit send, the document will be received in the intended fax machine. Furthermore, you will also receive a delivery notification. You can also receive fax through this mode.

The mailing facility on your iphone can be used to send out and receive faxes. The mail will act as a faxing interface and CocoFax will act as the fax transmitter. Either ways, the process can be as prompt and efficient as possible.

  1. c) Delivery Notifications

You can receive delivery notifications on success of rendering a fax message to a fax machine. While CocoFax is always efficient in its transmission, the only cause for a non delivery is the inactivity of the fax machine, wrong fax number or other manual errors.

Delivered or not delivered, CocoFax offers clarity on the transmission. This is imperative especially in cases of some confidential documentation that needs to be sent over. From compliance and legal perspectives, Fax messages hold more weightage.

  1. d) Receipt Notification

CocoFax also enables receipt notifications in the form of a new email in the inbox. While the document can be sent out in multiple formats, it can be received in a pdf format only.

  1. e) CocoFax Account

Registering under a CocoFax account is extremely simple and convenient. The app also offers a 30 day trial period and you would not be billed a penny if the subscription is cancelled within the trial period. Further, you do not even need to apply for a fax number; CocoFax gets you a free fax number.


CocoFax is the best free fax app for iPhone. It is very convenient and purposeful. When an immensely selective phone like iPhone offers faxing services, the app is definitely a very extensive one.

The array of functionalities that CocoFax offers and the alternative mediums of usage make it a very prominent solution for fax issues! 

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