Permanent Marker Is Your Best Friend in Art – Here’s Why



If you want to use something for writing on metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, wood, cardboard, or any other surface, you need to check out some of the market’s best markers. Many companies make the best markers for different writing-related purposes. However, if you want a marker that does not get erased, ask for a permanent marker. You need to know that such a marker can be your best friend in many instances. So it is great for arts, labelling, and writing in general.

You Have a Lot of Tips to Choose From

A marker comes in different tips. Some have fine tips, and some have broad tips. Depending on where you will use the marker and for what purpose, you can make a better choice among the different tip styles of markers. You can check out various websites that show you how thick or thin the writing will be if you already select a tip you want to use.

It can be as broad as 20mm, or it can be as thin as 0.4 mm. You need to look for what tips work best for you to use it entirely to your benefit. You can also check out the descriptions on these items to know if it is best used for wood, paper, walls, and the like.

There Are Different Colors Available

Usually, the colors of markers are limited to black, red, green, and blue. However, because markers are no longer used only for school-related or labelling purposes, many manufacturers came up with new and fun colors. You do not need to work with limited mediums like colored pencils, crayons, or charcoal pencils anymore because you can now use markers for your art.

Some companies created pink, yellow, purple, orange, grey, and many more. You can then easily use them for your drawings or doodles. With a permanent marker, you are sure that your artwork will last for many years. Other markers usually fade in color or get washed away easily once water or any other liquid comes in contact with it.

It’s for Many Purposes

Whether you want to make a mural out of markers, or you need to label some things for organizing your home, you can count on these long-lasting markers. If it is for a mural, it will not get washed away easily. If you use it for labelling, you are sure that you won’t have to re-label time and again because the ink stays as long as it can on the surface you used it on.

There are so many more benefits of having such a marker. Remember to always put the cap on so the ink does not dry out to maximize its use. Also, keep the markers out of reach of anyone, especially children. You do not want them to use it on different surfaces. Markers can be your best friend in different situations. It is up to you to use it in a way it will benefit you.

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