P-Cards: A Much Better Way to Pay for Low-Value Items

Automation and new technology trends have reconstructed the business operations and daily routines of marketers. As a business owner, you should be aware of these latest technologies to lay a strong foundation and style for your business. Several organizations have given up the traditional processes, as they no longer have effective results.

Most importantly the purchasing and finances are an essential part of any business. As a business owner, you know that finances have many manual data and countless data receipts. But, today, in the digital age, we have much better options. The p-cards are innovative and an excellent alternative to the company cards, as they are safe, effective, and save your money for future business operations.

Why are P-cards the most efficient way to deal with low-value items?

These cards allow the employees to make payments at work without getting involved in formal purchasing or accounting procedures. The credit card infrastructure is used, and charges are made on behalf of the company. The process is more streamlined and has procured a pay process, allowing significant savings and reducing transaction costs. As a result, reducing the effort of the staff. This is why p-cards are considered one of the most efficient ways to deal with small company payments than the traditional procurement methods.

They are known by different names, which include:

  • Purchasing cards
  • Procurement cards
  • Corporate charge cards
  • Employee debit cards
  • Prepaid expense cards
  • Business Cards


These all have replaced the traditional credit cards and provided better opportunities to make electronic payments. You can “learn more about p cards from Bento” and see how switching from a conventional process and including a p-card process can result in efficiency and improved savings. The businesses use p-cards for monthly expenses from machinery to raw materials, including rent payments, utility bills, telecommunications, and internet services. In the same manner, you can also use the

P-card for other items and services. It will benefit you in a variety of ways which include:

  • Higher accounting efficiencies
  • More excellent accounts receivable and payable

Improved cash flow management, offering continued DPO(Days Payable Outstanding)

  • Lower payment processing costs
  • Optimized working capital
  • Better management, reporting, and analysis of the spend data
  • Control in the expenditure
  • Improved payment security
  • Prompt-pay discounts from the suppliers
  • Uninterrupted integration of the expense reporting


Not only this, when you make payment with the help of p-cards, your organization receives cash back rebates on purchases. This depends on the volume of the investments, and surprisingly these add to thousands of dollars every year. Besides, it is a great way to track and monitor the expenses that your employees are making. You will receive the P-card issuer, which will give you detailed information about the monthly statements.


If you want an efficient payment system for your business, p-cards is the right choice. You are more likely to enjoy the benefits such as savings from 50% to 80%. Looking at its benefits, you should consider implementing it at your company.

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