How to Monitor Your Children’s Phone Messages? [Ultimate Guide]

Young kids and teens in this generation are highly reliant on technology for essentially all things. These days parents have to take precautions each time they’re attending to their children.

One way to keep your child safe from unwanted friends and explicit content is by tracking their phone text messages. It’s children’s favorite mode of communication and can help a lot to know who your child talks to on their phone.  

When you monitor your kid’s text messages, you’ll learn what he/she shares with friends. If the content isn’t suitable for their age, you can take appropriate actions. This the ultimate guide on how to monitor your children’s phone messages with TeenSafe.

Part 1: How to Monitor your Child by Tracking Text Messages

In this article, we’ll learn how you can track your children’s phone messages with the TeenSafe parental monitoring app. You should feel well-equipped to monitor all messages shared on your kid’s device by the end of this guide.

TeenSafe – World’s Leading Parental Control Solution

TeenSafe parental control  is among the most renowned brands in the child guidance apps. It’s used in 190+ countries with more than a million subscribers using it. Most of its features get discussed on recognized media outlets like Top 10 Reviews, The Verge and Forbes.


Deploy TeenSafe safely on iOS and Android devices to view all the incoming and outgoing text messages. It’ll expose every sender and receiver contact details, and media files exchanged via messages.

Even better, there’s no jailbreaking expertise required to read messages on your kid’s iPhone or iPad. TeenSafe uses the iCloud backup feature to give you real-time updates and see deleted messages. Just get your kid’s iCloud details and start monitoring them right away. 

However, to track messages on an Android phone or tablet, it’s compulsory to download and install the TeenSafe app. It takes a few seconds and there’ll be no rooting required. After it installs, the TeenSafe app icon vanishes. Everything onwards is based entirely online. 

After that, you can monitor children’s phone messages with TeenSafe anytime, without ever touching their phone again. Let’s see how you get started with TeenSafe to monitor messages:

Part 2: How to Monitor Children’s Phone Messages with TeenSafe

Tracking your kid’s phone should be easy with the TeenSafe app by your side. You only need your phone, tablet, or PC to connect to a reliable internet supply and a functional email address.

Steps on How to Use TeenSafe to Track Kid’s Phone Text Messages

Step 1: Sign up for a TeenSafe account with your email ID and subscribe to a suitable plan.
teensafe sign up

Step 2: Fill in the provided fields on the control panel. You can start by entering the child’s name, age, and input the OS running their device.


Step 3: Follow the setup wizard instructions to configure TeenSafe automatically.

             3(a): In iOS, verify the children’s iCloud username and password then wait to sync.


 3(b): For the Android variant, use the sent link to download and install the TeenSafe app on the kid’s gadget. Ensure stealth mode is active and wait for syncing.

Step 4: Hit the “start” button once the setup has completed and access your TeenSafe dashboard. Here, you’ll find the child’s phone summary and have access to all features.


Step 5: Look for the message feature on the left side menu to start tracking the kid’s phone text messages. 


Part 3: What More Can TeenSafe Help you Achieve

35+ parental control elements are available on your TeenSafe account. Let’s see some of the things you can do using its unique set of features:


  • Track GPS Location


Most teenagers like going out but don’t want their parents to know their whereabouts. You can take advantage of the location tracker and keep tabs of all their movements secretly.


  • Examine Call Logs


The TeenSafe call analyzer allows you to know who your children call and when the call was made. You can opt to record their phone calls for future use.  


  • Check Social Media Apps


“What does my kid share with friends on social media apps installed on their phones?” that shouldn’t scare you at all. Use TeenSafe to monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.


  • View Browser History


It’s every caring parent and guardian’s role to ensure their kid’s online safety. You can view what they search and websites they visit and protect them from inappropriate material.

Part 4: Why TeenSafe is the Best Phone Message Monitoring App


  • Rapid Setup


It takes under five minutes to create an account, and for TeenSafe to configure and sync with your kid’s device.


  • No Device Security Breach


You won’t compromise the children’s phone security since there’s no jailbreak for iOS and no root in Android. 


  • Client-friendly Web-Based UI


Anyone can use the TeenSafe online dashboard. It’s simple, intuitive and you can access your account with your favorite web browser.  


  • Stealth Mode Operations


TeenSafe has cutting-edge technology that makes it work discreetly. It uses the iCloud feature in iOS and runs silently in the background in Android to remain anonymous. 


  • Over 35 Incredible Features


Besides monitoring phone messages, you can do so much with TeenSafe. Its unmatched features can track SIM location, show Geofence alerts, view installed apps, etc.

  • Data Security 

Your/children’s data is not accessed or stored on TeenSafe’s servers. At no point will the information be exposed, and even when logged out, no one can see it. 


When it comes to monitoring your children’s mobile devices and web surfing activities, you can rely on TeenSafe. It gives accurate updates in real-time, and you can track phone messages without any experience.


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