Mathematics or maths is one of the easiest and hardest subjects all at the same time to exist in this world



Mathematics or maths is one of the easiest and hardest subjects all at the same time to exist in this world. Mathematics has been one of the world’s oldest subjects and is something we practice in our day-to-day lives when it comes to bringing groceries, going to a supermarket, etc. It has been in practice by many scholars since the ancient times. The commencement of mathematics was done by mathematicians like by Pythagoras, Euclid etc. around 6 to 300 century BC. We can also say that one of the founders of mathematics was an Indian because it was an Indian scholar named Aryabhata, who introduced the number zero to the world. Maths is that kind of a subject that is interesting only if you convince your mind to do so. Another Indian, Srinivasa Ramanujan is considered to be the greatest Indian mathematician of all time because of his extraordinary contribution to mathematical analytics and numbers. Someone who practices mathematics on a regular basis is said to have much better cognitive, mental, ability related development as compared to the others.

  1. a) It encourages the development of logical and critical thinking.
  2. b) Maths enables little children to achieve active power to describe, analyze and change things.
  3. c) Maths is also said to be the language of science it can be applied to every aspect of life wherever, no matter where we go hence it is considered to be one of the most important subjects.

Right from a person’s birth, the first things that parents try to teach them are the alphabets and numbers. So it can be said that maths is something that is introduced very early in a persons life and it’s importance last for a lifetime. Nowadays, almost all of the parents follow the concept of tuitions in order to guarantee the success of their ward especially in subjects like mathematics and science. Parents want to ensure that their ward is getting the perfect teaching and they start searching for the perfect tuitions or perfect classes or especially perfect books. As math is totally a practical subject books are the most important source of studying it. There are lots of books that are available in the market such as digest, answer keys, quiz books etc. But one of the most trustable for a few years have been the RS Agarwal maths solution books. These books are available for all the standards ranging from 1 to 10th and above that as well. They are very popular among all the school students but especially the CBSE students. As the RS Aggarwal books follow the CBSE syllabus and can prove very helpful to those students. They cover easy and accurate solutions to all the math problems. The RS Aggarwal books major in concepts of calculus algebra, geometry, chemistry and physics and also quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning.

RS Aggarwal is now a well-known name in the math layout of India especially CBSE and ICSE boards promote the use of these books on a large scale.

The major features of the RS Agarwal books can be described as:

  1. They have a smooth running access to topic wise chapter solutions.
  2. It provides more than one ways of solving a specific math problem.
  3. It is developed by math technicians and professionals in order to provide children with easily accurate solutions.
  4. All the solutions noted in the books are completely precise.

These books also serve major recruitment and governmental examinations such as MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission), UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), SSC (Staff Selection Commission), MAT (Management Aptitude Test), MBA (Masters in Business Administration), etc. It’s a well adjusting book for anyone be it a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. These exams are very important for the people seeking government jobs and it is obvious that every Indian knows about the importance of having a government job. With the help of these books one can crack the government exams with ease and consistent practise as these are considered to be very difficult.

As we all know class 9 is sometimes considered to be more important than the 10th standard because it is said to be the onset of major education in one’s life. So these RS Agarwal books can prove to be the perfect problem solver especially for class 9 CBSE students.

Class 9th is the year where students study some of the most extensive and crucial topics of their lives which would help them anywhere and anytime in their careers. The books consist of a wide variety of topics like linear equations in two variables, importance of the concept of triangles, the number system important concepts of lines and angles, factorisation of polynomials, Probability circle coordinate geometry, profit and loss, simple interest, compound interest and many more. Especially the class 9 solution book’s chapter 14 can be regarded as the most important of the book because it teaches children about the area of triangles and quadrilaterals. Area is something we start to learn as soon as we enter our pre-secondary stage of school and is a consistent topic or concept to learn which is not going to stop anywhere in someone’s life. Area is something that will never leave the students side as long as they are studying and it can also be applied anywhere in life. We get to learn about the area of various types of Triangles which include the basic types of triangles that are the equilateral triangle, the isosceles triangle and the scalene triangle. Also the quadrilaterals that include rhombus square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid And Kite. So that is why the RS Aggarwal books are recommended over any other books in the market today due to its complete and analytical detailed study into every matter and easy access it provides to the students in order to learn different concepts. If one practices from these books regularly the RS Aggarwal books can prove to be the stepping stones of success in one’s career. They are the perfect bundle of knowledge everybody is looking for.

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