Is QuickBooks Hard To Learn? We Don’t Think So!

QuickBooks has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most reliable accounting software. A number of companies around the globe now use this tool to manage their finances, maintain records, keep a check on investments, etc. 

However, some newbies are still struggling with learning how to efficiently use this tool without wasting much time. So we wonder if QuickBooks is actually difficult to learn or not? 

The Truth Is…

It depends on you! 

That’s right! How quickly you get hold of the software depends on your performance and knowledge. It also relies on how good you are with using laptops, computers, and in management of general software. But in my opinion the best QuickBooks software is for sure. 

It will also not be wrong to comment that learning QuickBooks smoothly depends on how much money and time you are willing to invest. Sometimes, if you are lucky to get hold of the best video tutorials, these will make the job easy for you! 

How To Learn QuickBooks Easily

The task would be difficult for you if you are using the wrong means. Choosing approximately the right method of learning would eventually get you to the pro level quickly and easily. 

Below are some of the tips on how you can do that. 

Video tutorials given by QuickBooks itself is an amazing place to start. You can look into these as soon as you start using this tool. Furthermore, these videos are free and concise. They cover almost everything you need to know about the software as a beginner. 

Another premium option is to get hold of the training CD. This has been compiled by Intuit, the company that launched QuickBooks. It is moderately expensive and provides a complete online course on almost every feature of the tool. The downside is that there is no practice session involved. 

Many customers have rejected these options because they think it is best to learn by practice. If that is the case with you too, then we have some other options in stock for you. 

Stay Tuned! 

Practice makes perfect? We agree! You can also become a certified QuickBook user so you have access to the software and you can use it as an opportunity to explore it. For become a certified user, you need to pass an exam. You can go through tutorials or buy the CD for taking this test but once you do, anybody below 80% would not be provided with membership. 

Lastly, you can reach out to Pro advisors. This is a good option when you need help with something specific instead of learning the entire software from scratch. 

If you wish to do this, there is a “Find an expert” button located on the main menu. Simply click it to get in touch with an advisor. Unfortunately, some may charge a hefty fee although the session is very interactive and you can get help for almost any issue you are facing with QuickBooks. The best online payment method in my opinion is securitas epay

We guess these tips are enough to get you started. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this software and start learning right away! 


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