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As promised. Windows 11 comes with excellent features that help add beauty to your computer interface and more functionality. One of these features is the slideshow of wallpapers which changes at a regular time interval. This feature is exclusive to Mac PCs. However, windows have added it to its recent release, Windows 11. If you are here to know how to set this on your PC, I say you are in the right post. The post is focused on how you can get dynamic wallpapers on your Windows 11. To find out how I urge you to read this article to the very end.

What Are Dynamic Wallpapers?

Before we proceed on how to get the dynamic wallpaper on windows 11, let’s first check out what dynamic wallpaper means. Dynamic wallpaper is a feature that displays different pages at a regular time helps the wallpaper on your screen to a new one and within minutes it changes again. This feature has been welcomed by both PC and mobile phone users. It helps add more beauty to your screen display than the natural static wallpaper. Ok, let’s quickly check how you can get the dynamic wallpaper on windows 11.

How To Get Dynamic Wallpapers On Windows 11

Installing WinDynamicDesktop

Well, it is good to know that Windows 11 doesn’t come with dynamic wallpaper features as Macs do. However, with the use of third-party apps, you can get dynamic wallpapers on your Windows 11. By installing a third-party app like WinDynamicDesktop, you can get the same feature like the Mac PCs. Below is a step-by-step method of getting it on your Windows 11.

  • Use the search bar to search for the Microsoft store.
  • Go to the Microsoft Store, then use the search bar to search for WinDynamicDesktop.
  • Then, select WinDynamicDesktop from the list of matching results
  • Then click on the Get button
  • Now, wait for the app to install on your computer
  • When the installation is complete, open the app on your Windows 11 startup menu
  • Next, a screen will show up, and the app will present to you the free dynamic themes you can apply o on your computer.
  • Choose any of the dynamic themes you want to apply, then click on the left panel and go ahead to click on the apply button.

If you successfully follow the steps I listed above, the dynamic theme you applied will immediately take effect on your Windows 11 screen.

The WinDynamicDesktop app allows you to import dynamic wallpaper themes from other sources. If you want to know how to do this then, read on.

How To Import Dynamic Wallpapers On WinDynamicDesktop

Importing dynamic themes on WinDynamicDesktop is quite simple. All you need to do is to grab the .heic file of the theme you desire to apply and import it into the WinDynamicDesktop app. Also, you can get dynamic themes on websites like WDD theme and Dynamic Wallpaper Club. If you’ve got the file from the site, open the WinDynamicDesktop software and click on import, and that’s all.

Using Wallpaper Changer Scheduler

This is another app that gives a dynamic display of your windows 11. The wallpaper changer scheduler helps you to set a specific time for your wallpaper to change to a different one. However, the app doesn’t include dynamic wallpapers, but you can use it to change images at a regular time interval. How to use this software? Read on to find out.

  • Go to the website of the wallpaper changer scheduler
  • Click on the download button on the site
  • When the download is complete, open the file explorer
  • Then, open the folder that includes the wallpaper changer scheduler exe
  • Click on the exe file. Mind you no installation is required. Also, you can right-click the exe file and select pin to add to the home menu.
  • Then click the add event button
  • Next, you need to configure the wallpaper to change. To do this, select the daily option on the drop-down menu.
  • Then go ahead and select time with At option
  • Click on the browse button. A choose new image window will appear. Here select the wallpaper you want in the background to change to. Then click the open button.
  • Next, select an  option on the wallpaper style menu
  • Then a Name for this event will pop up. Enter a title in this space.
  • Lastly, click the create button. 

The schedule wallpaper will not show up in the wallpaper changer scheduler window. But as you close the software, you will notice the change on your windows 11 background, you can make any change you want to make on this software anytime you want.

Last Words

You can use any of the apps to change your static windows 11 background to a dynamic one that adds life and beauty to your PC screen. There are other apps in the Microsoft Stores that help get dynamic wallpapers for your screen. Apps like live wallpapers, wallpaper engines, Rainmeter, and more. However, the listed apps are the ones I found to be the best on how you can get dynamic wallpapers on your Windows 11. That’s it. If you have any contribution to make to this post you can drop it for me in the comment box I will surely appreciate it.

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