How to use widget smith

Knowing how to make good use of the widgetsmith is one hell of a job. But not to worry I was once where you are. My never give up attitude has help know how to make good use of the widgetsmith app to its full potential and I will be sharing the details with you guys. Just follow me gently as I lead the way.

For newbies there might be a question of what is the widgetsmith app and how does that concern me. Well, I have the answer to your question.

What Are Widgetsmith App And Its Use?

The widgetsmith app is an application designed by David Smith. The man behind the design of the most popular Apple Watch and iPhone applications. The idea behind widgetsmith app is that it allows you to customize the widget of your IOS 14 home screen.

If you just bought a new iPhone or updated your iPhone, one of the must-have apps on it is widgetsmith app. With it, you can personalize your iPhone home screen to your taste.

The widgetsmith app contains features which include


  • Date
  • Time
  • Calendar
  • Reminder
  • Health Activities
  • Tides
  • Weather
  • Photos
  • Photo in Album
  • Astronomy
  • Custom text
  • Black space.


These features come with numerous options for customization. To help give your iPhone an amazing look.

Why Widgetsmith App Is Far Better Than Other Widget App.

Well as you know, everyone has his or her preference when it comes to apps. So is the widget app. But the widgetsmith app stands out among others when it comes to customizing your home screen. Having any doubt about what I said, then see why.

It’s Free.

The widgetsmith app is free to download. However, if you want to unlock more features you have to subscribe to the premium service. And if you don’t want to you can stick to enjoy the features on the free mode.

Has More Popularity Than it’s competitors.

The widgetsmith app is more popular than other widget apps because of its flexibility. It provides you with the tools needed to customize your home screen the way you want it to be. While others aren’t that flexible.

There are a lot of reasons you should download the widgetsmith app. Am not going to spill all out here. You just go and give it a try on your IOS 14. And I bet you won’t regret it.

Can Widgetsmith App Steal My Personal information?

You see before going to teach you how to use the widgetsmith app I must make it clear that all the rumours about the app stealing personal info are just false. Some individuals have spread false information about the widget app stealing personal info and other details from the users.

All these are just fake news with no proofs. Not only widgetsmith even other widget apps can’t steal information from your phone. Why I’ll show you just follow me.

In IOS 14, widget apps are not a full-fledged app and only runs on background for a while. So they don’t have full access to the data on your phone. Let me make this simple with this few summarized points if mine.

  1. Widgetsmith App is an application like every other app out there in Apple store. That most comply with user safety before been published.
  2. Widgetsmith have privacy control. What you want to display on the widget is up to you.

So you see the widgetsmith app is safe to use. Don’t allow false information about the app trouble you. Now after seeing all widgetsmith can do and cannot do, let’s see how to make good use of widgetsmith on your IOS 14.

How To Use Widgetsmith App To Customize Your Home screen.

In this section, I will make it so simple for you to follow and understand. Making use of the widgetsmith is as simple as picking a cheese with a fork. Fun right to forget about a love playing sometimes Let’s get started.

How to set up the Basics of the widgetsmith.

Firstly you have to download the widgetsmith app from the App Store and install in your phone. Then you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the widgetsmith app.
  2. Having open, choose whether you want a small widget, medium widget or a large widget. You can also add a new one of your chosen size.
  3. Select the default widget. If you want the widget to appear at a scheduled time, simple tap timed widget instead of default widget.

How To Customize Widgetsmith Font And Colours.

  1. Under the style, scroll through the list and select the widget you want.
  2. Select the Font bar, you must take in to note that the placement of the font bar depends on your choice of the widget.
  3. Under Font, scroll through and select the font.

If you follow the steps, you can be able to customize the font to your choice. To Customize the colour you must.

  1. Tint colour, also placement of the bar depends on your choice of the widget.
  2. Under tint colour scroll through and select tint.
  3. Select a background colour bar.
  4. Under background colour bar, scroll through and select the background colour.
  5. Tap the arrow on the top left corner.
  6. Tap save and go back to the home screen.

How Do I Set-up A Photo Widget on Widgetsmith?

Widgetsmith allows you to set a specific photo or album for display on the widget. If you select photos in the album, the widget will continuously display the pictures throughout the day. Let’s take a look at how to do this

  1. Open the widgetsmith
  2. Select the size of the widget you want to use.
  3. Tap on the default widget to edit it
  4. Scroll through until you see the custom area in the style option.
  5. Select photo
  6. Allow the app to access your photos so you can see and choose from your photo gallery.
  7. Once you select the photos you want, a new tile call select photo well appears on your screen.
  8. Select the image and tap save. Also, you can change the name of the widget in case you forget. And to help you remember which widget you place on your screen.

The widgetsmith app is just too great that you won’t like to miss out on its features. One thing though it doesn’t have a language change options so you can change you the language on it. Let me know if these tips of mine have been helpful. Love to hear from you soon.

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