How to Track A Phone Location Remotely?

Over time, we learn how to keep yourself updated with the time requirement. As the storm of digital technology has spread all around, and no one has enough time to take care of their peoples. Like, where the kid hangs out with friends, or where the employee spends the working hours instead of completing the tasks.

Extensive use of the internet has made a person idle. Instead of focusing on our surroundings, a person spends hours on smartphones. This habit indulges a person in other useless activities, which later on harm him/her and their loved ones.

If you are a guardian and an employer, then this article will prove very worthy for you. Here we are going to share a smart technical solution which helps people in secretly tracking the targeted person activities. Without any wastage of time, have a look at the highly efficient app to track a phone location.

TheOneSpy Phone Location Tracker

TheOneSpy exceptional services have made its separate unique identity in the market. It enables a user to conveniently track the desired targeted person location live and also allows to keep a record of location MAP. All a user need is to get a subscription of the compatible app and activate the GPS tracking feature from the cloud account. TOS instantly starts working and spy on the device all moments with the exact location, date and time.

TheOneSpy gives a guarantee of its tracking features that a targeted person cannot get a single clue about being traced. It offers 14 days money-back guarantee, in which a user can return the app if he/she faces any particular issue with the application.

TOS Location Tracking Features

TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app includes a bundle of brilliant features. Location tracker is one of them that particularly performs four dynamic tracking functions. Here we will discuss each one so that could know their unique points.

1. Real-Time Location Tracker

A user can locate the targeted person’s real-time location with this tool within no time. For this, a user needs to visit the TOS web portal and activate the tracking feature. Instantly, the user can do surveillance on the current location of the targeted person.

It proves very useful when the user sees that their person is going somewhere without telling them. So, they can track and know better about the person where he/she visited the most and frequently.

2. View the Location History of Targeted Device

On the map, the user can view all location history of the targeted device with the exact date and time. Timestamp helps in knowing the targeted person’s attention in visiting the specific area.

The user needs to install the app, so the app could keep a record of location history. It helps the most when the user cannot track the targeted person on a daily or weekly basis.

3. View Location through SMS

If the user already has the phone calls and messages of the targeted device, the user  needs to activate this feature and start monitoring the location.

In case, a user has to reach the targeted person in an emergency, so the user can follow the track and reach them conveniently.

4. Track Location Without GPS

In this method, a user has to send SMS, email or voice note containing spying app links over targeted devices. Once the targeted person opens the link, a user gets the remote access to their device. After that, the user can go to the GPS location and locate the targeted person’s exact location.

A user uses this approach when all the above tracking methods don’t work. It works 100% securely and does not make a single noise during the access and tracking process.


Were you waiting for any miracle? See, it happened. Furthermore, you don’t need to be worried about monitoring your kid all day. Now, android monitoring app will help you track a phone of your kids and their activities. Likewise, if you are an employer, you don’t need to visit individual employee offices to follow their performance. On a single click, you can get all location map details by sitting in your own office.

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