How to Show battery Percentage on iPhone 11

Showing battery percentage on iPhone 11 is not that trickly. However, when you upgrade from iPhone 6s, 7s, or 8s to 11, there are a few things you have to adapt to, according to the new updates.

One of them is checking and showing the battery percentage on the iPhone 11.

Is it Possible to Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar of iPhone 11?

If staying updated about your iPhone’s battery percentage has been your favorite feature, you might feel disappointed. There is no way to show it in the status bar because of the iPhone 11’s unique design. However, there are a few tricks you might not be aware of and I am going to talk about them in a minute.

iPhone 11 series comes with better battery timing than any other Apple mobile device before; about 5% more than that of previous models with 18-watt power fast chargers in the gadget. But it doesn’t out-rule the desire to see battery percentage on the iphone11 status bar while we are already used to having it in our phones with just unlocking them.

Interesting Fact about iPhone 11 Battery Percentage:

In a survey, some people said that their iPhone dies at a battery of 11% but some said their iPhone 11 can run for an hour or two with just one percent battery life.

What a headache to not know at exactly what percentage your phone died or how much time is left until your phone will die!

Well, despite the variability in people’s POVs, the battery percentage indicator is of utmost importance to tell you how timely you need to charge your phone or when to switch between low power mode or high. So, here are the best possible solutions to show the battery percentage on the iPhone 11:

  • Control Center
  • Batteries Widgets
  • Ask Siri
  • Plug Charger

1- Use Control Center of iPhone 11

The easiest way to know your battery percentage in iPhone 11 is to swipe down from the battery icon on the status bar and you’ll see the digits smiling at you

REMEMBER! Reaching the control center in iPhone 11 is a tad bit different from iPhone 6s, 7s, or iPhone 8. We swipe down on the screen instead of swiping up. It might take a while to adapt to the new device but updates come with their complications.

2- Seek help from Battery Widgets of iPhone 11:

Another way to show battery percentage on iPhone 11 is via Battery Widget. You just need to open ‘today’s view’.

In case you just bought your device and have not managed your settings, you can add the battery percentage icon on ipoone11 by following the given steps:

  1. go to your home screen and swipe to the right side
  2. Scroll down and tap the edit icon at the bottom of the page
  3. On the Add Widgets screen locate the ‘more widget’ option and tap the plus sign to the batteries

Now, when you swipe your home screen or lock screen, the battery widget option will be right in front of your eyes. Or much better if you can put your battery widget on the top of your lock screen widgets. Blink and see!

3- Maybe Ask Siri?

Siri is our best friend that you can call anytime and have a heartfelt conversation with. She would never say NO to you.

Therefore, if you want a bit of extra response you can try asking SIRI, your digital assistant “what is my iPhone’s battery percentage right now?”.

 It will gladly provide you with the details and how much battery life your phone has at that time. You have to press the side button of your iPhone to check the battery percentage or if you have the ‘hey Siri’ listening function enabled, you just need to say ‘Hey Siri’ and ask about battery percentage.

4- Plug Charger to find Battery percentage of iPhone 11:

iPhone users can check their battery percentage by plugging in the charger.

When you connect with a charger wired or wireless the phone will briefly show battery percentage.

You can check the battery percentage on iPhone 11 by the following methods as well:

  • Try toggling ON ‘today’s view’ in settings
  • Pair a new Bluetooth device with your phone or refresh your existing Bluetooth connection or you can just check if your Bluetooth device is connected to get access to the battery percentage of your iPhone 11.
  • You can check the battery percentage of the iPhone 11 by refreshing your network settings to refresh any connections
  • While using your iPhone, you can pair it with ear pods, an Apple watch, or any other wireless device and your iPhone will take you to the battery widget.

Do you have another problem that has been bugging you? Ask away in the comments.

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