How to Select the Best Content://

Android software is most commonly used in smartphones. Android mobile phones contain a syntax or link content:// This link helps to change the default browser homepage on Android phones. Moreover, in Android smartphones usually, Google Chrome is pre-installed as the browser homepage.

This syntax contains a code connection that enables the user to customize its browser homepage to your preferred search engine such as if the browser has a Google as default page it can be changed to Yahoo or Bing as well.

Surprisingly, the link (content://, helps to configure apps using the Play store on Android default browser, whether on new or old smartphones. In case, your browser is not set to default, it displays the error finding the file as “ERR FILL NOT FOUND.”


1.  Google Chrome

 With no doubt, the number one browser used by users around the world is Google Chrome. Most of the Android gadgets come with inbuilt Chrome as a default web browser. This is one of the most widely used browsers due to its safe and secure privacy policy to protect user’s data without third party access.

Chrome is considered best for Android phone users with strong features of synchronizing well while browsing and giving life to smartphones. It also identifies threats keeping your browsing experience secure, taking control of your safety.

It comes with a variety of features for the specific needs of users like Chrome Dev is for website developers, Chrome Beta for early adopters, Chrome Enterprise for entrepreneurs to keep people and data secure, and Chrome Canary for explorers.    

2.  Firefox

If you are not a google person then the next powerful alternative is Firefox. This is also the best choice for browsing with safety. It also tracks threats for the protection of user’s data while blocking ads with supportive extensions.

Firefox is astoundingly also customizable to sync well if you create a Firefox account, with all your devices. It also offers different versions like Firefox for Android Beta and Firefox nightly for website developers.


In this article, we are highlighting ways to change the default browser homepage using the link content://

For customizing and installing any other default browser in Android phones, there are many ways available on the internet, we are providing 2 of the best and easy methods below:


  •         Open Google.
  •         Go to Menu at the top right side of the screen.
  •         Click on setting and then further click on subsetting to look for the Android browser setting.
  •         Next, go to the Homepage.
  •         Finally, enter the preferred link to set the default homepage or simply click on the clear page option.



  •         Open the internet browser to set the default page you prefer.
  •         Select 3 dots at the right corner.
  •         Go to settings.
  •         Click on Menu.
  •         Go to an option of setting homepage
  •         Insert the Link of the default browser to set it as a homepage.


This article educates you completely providing all the necessary details and information related to content:// to make your browsing experiential, safe, and sound while using Android smartphones.

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