How to right click on a Chromebook

If you are one of those, worry no more. Because I will be showing you how to right-click with ease on your Chromebook. The Chromebook is an amazing device for anyone. The device comes with so many features that can wow its users. A Chromebook is like a normal laptop you are used to. But the difference is, that the Chromebook trackpad or touchpad does not have a double button. This design has left a lot of Chromebook users confused about how they can use the trackpad to right-click. Some have gone ahead to purchase a USB mouse.

But the purchase of a USB mouse is an additional expense you can avoid if you know how to use your trackpad. Mind you, not all USB mice are compatible with Chromebook. So I will advise you to check before buying. However, you don’t need an external mouse if you can carry out these steps on your Chromebook. Without wasting much of your time its quickly get down to see how to right-click on the Chromebook with ease.

What To Know About The Chromebook Track Pad

Before we continue, I will like to point out that the Chromebook allows the tap to click by default. This means you do not have to physically press down any part of the trackpad. Just a touch is enough to click. Also, the lower part of the trackpad is pressable. You can press it down and you will quickly get a response. However, clicking on the right-hand side of the touchpad does not mean a right-click.

Since Chromebook is an Apple device, no matter where you click on the touchpad the response will be the same which is normal clicking. The tap to click is a normal function for the trackpad, which is used to perform any regular clicking. The real question is if the tap to click is to perform a regular function, how then can I use it to right-click? Read on to find out the answer to your question.

How To Right Click On Chromebooks

There are two ways you can right-click on your Chromebook. And two ways are easy and effective.

The first is to tap once on the trackpad with two fingers. This action will open the right-click menu on whatever thing is in focus. However, if it scrolls up or down, that means you have tapped for too long which is the scrolling gesture. Take your time and tap again with two fingers and you will see the right-click menu appear.

The second method is to simply press the Alt button and tap the touchpad with a single finger. This again will prompt the right-click menu to appear. That you do it. You can use any of these methods to right-click on your Chromebook.

But don’t go yet. I will like to show you other tricks on how to use your Chromebook touchpad to the fullest.

Other Features Of The Chromebook TouchPad

How To Scroll On A Chromebook

To scroll on a Chromebook isn’t as you think. Most believe since the Chromebook doesn’t have a button it will be difficult to use it to scroll. While like I earlier said it is not difficult at all. Al, you need to do is to place two fingers on the touchpad and scroll in your desired direction to make the page move. You can also enable what is called  Australian scroll by changing the option ins settings, and the move to touchpad and mouse. Then click on scrolling. This means pushing two fingers up means moving up.

How To Middle Click On Chromebook TouchPad

The middle click is achieved on a Chromebook by using three fingers to tap on the  However, three fingers to tap the touchpad can be a little difficult sometimes, but as you practice you will get it. And also, with the middle gesture, you can press the Ctrl key to click on a link to have it open in a new background.

How To See All Windows Open

When you have multiple apps on your Chromebook at the same time, it might be a little tiring to have to either go down to the dock to select the right icon or tap through them. To help you out, swipe the touchpad with three fingers and you will be presented with all the apps currently open on your Chromebook.

How to Move Between Pages

When using a browser, you can move back and forth with the touchpad. Especially if you have something on a page you don’t want to lose. Just swipe with two fingers to the right( forward) or left(backward).


It is an awesome experience when you know how to use the touchpad of a Chromebook. It helps make working on the Chromebook easy and fast. Like they say ‘it is what you know that is easy’. I know believe you can right-click on your Chromebook without breaking any sweat. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below.

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