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Glare is a common issue in photography. Both professionals and amateurs face this very problem. You are reading this post because you are also facing the issue of photo glaring and you are searching on how to remove the glare circle on photoshop. Well, let me say you are welcome to the right place. I will be showing you what have found on how to remove glare circles from photos using photoshop. But before then, let me take a minute to explain things to those who do not know what glare is and its effects on pictures.

What Is Glare?

Glare is usually a bright visible spot either on people’s glasses, as circles on an image, or streaks of light. Glare is sometimes not a spot or shape on an image. It can be a hazy glow. Not all glare is bright, some can be in different colors. It is however unfortunate that glares cant be avoided when taking pictures. That is why getting rid of glare is one of the most important aspects of photo editing. Even as a beginner in photoshop, one of the basic skills to learn is how to remove glare. Luckily for you, in this post, I will be doing just that just make sure to read to the very end. But before we move to how to remove glare from photoshop, it is best to know what causes glare on an image.

Causes Of Glare On photos

Glare occurs on a picture when the camera is facing a source of light directly. For example the sun. the light from the sun bounces around in the camera lens thereby causing a glare. Sometimes the camera might not face the sun directly, however, some of the rays from the sun can still find their way into the camera lens at a sharp angle. This is often referred to as lens flare. Lens flare means the light that bounces around in the camera lens before reaching the sensor.

Glares can also occur when light reflects off the surface of an object like a frame, windows, glasses, and even water. That is why you experience glare when you take a photograph of someone putting on eyeglasses. Glare can be creative sometimes. But most times it ruins pictures. Having known what causes glare on images, let’s check out how to remove it from pictures using photoshop.

How To Remove Glare From Pictures Using Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software in the world. It’s also one of the best in remove glare circles from images. Because of the numerous tools and techniques that it comes with. Using photoshop at first to remove glare can be. But as you use it, it comes very easy to use. To remove glare using photoshop, you must have the software installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, visit their site and download it. Mind you, it comes at a price. Below are some of the simplest ways of removing glare from photos.

Using The Lasso Tool

Using the lasso tool to remove glare on photoshop is one of the easiest methods. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

  • Launch the Photoshop software, then move to the left side of the window and click on Lasso. Better still, press L on your keyboard.
  • Next, make a circle around the glare spot.
  • After making a circle, right-click and select Fill from the menu
  • On the window that appears, move to content, and select Content-Aware. By selecting Content-Aware, you are allowing photoshop to edit the glare spot automatically.
  • Repeat these steps for the rest of the glare spot.
  • Mind you, these steps work best with photos with solid colors or repeating patterns

Using The Brush Tool

  • To use the brush tool to remove glare, you must first create a new layer
  • Set the layer blending mode to color
  • Select the Brush Tool from the menu or simply type B on your keyboard. Set the Brush Tool to normal
  • Then, reduce the Opacity level to 50%
  • Press and hold the Option or ALT key to change the cursor icon to a dropper.
  • Then, with the dropper, click a spot close to the glare and release the option key.
  • Finally, Brush over the glare.

Using Camera Row To Dehaze Images

  • Click filter at the top menu and select camera row filter from the menu.
  • A window will appear. From the window, adjust the dehaze slider to reduce the glare. If this works its magic, you can also adjust other sliders as well.
  • If this method did not get rid of the entire glare, then do this.
  • At the layer panel on the right, right-click the Background layer and select the Duplicate layer. You will see a copy of the background layer at the top of it.
  • And at the button of the panel, click the Mask icon to create a Mask.
  • Click on the image, then select Adjustments.
  • Select Invert on press the ctrl or cmd +I
  • Lastly, select the brush and brush off the hazy spots.

Add An Adjustment Layer

  • Click on the Adjustment layer
  • Select Hue or saturation
  • Click on the hand symbol next to the Master. The cursor immediately becomes the dropper tool.
  • Click the glare area to select the color.
  • Adjust the Lightness slide until the glaring color becomes the color of the background
  • You can also adjust the other slides to get rid of more colors.
  • The adjustment made will change the whole image, to fix this, select the Mask in the Hue or Saturation layer.
  • The Mask shows what part of the image you want to show or hide. The white brush will show the effect, while the black brush will hide it.
  • Now, select the Black Mask and the Brush tool.
  • Brush over the glare spot.

Using The Clone Stamp Tool

You can paint away glare by using the clone stamp tool. This tool can be a go-to friend when it comes to removing lens flare because you can paint away from the glare with source points. Source points are other points without glare on the image. To use the clone stamp tool, follow these steps.

  • Select the zoom tool or press Z on the keyboard to help zoom to the bright spot.
  • Select the cone stamp tool or press S.
  • Press and hold the Option or Alt key on your keyboard. This changes the cursor, which means that you can select a spot away from the glare.
  • Click on a spot and release the Option or Alt key.
  • The spot you select is now visible on the Clone Stamp cursor circle. If not, click Window and select clone source.
  • In the Window that appears, check show overlay
  • Then paint over the glare and also readjust where you want to paint from.

Using this method to remove glare requires constant practice. And it’s good to always zoom in and out when editing. So you can see all the areas that require editing. Also, know that the background layer is the original layer. If you are not comfortable editing the background layer, add a new or duplicate layer and edit on that. Mind you, the background layer will remain untouched.

Final Words On How To Remove Glare Circle In Photoshop

Before I conclude, I will like to point out that though glare has numerous downsides, it still comes with a certain advantage. if you are one of those who want a more artistic look, lens flare can be that element that elevates your picture from a regular one to a memorable one. Glare has good potential to help give your photo extra attention. For instance, if you are the type who likes to shoot pictures in the woods during sunrise or when the sun is about to set, the light coming through the trees creates a starburst effect. This effect can help give your picture a whole new look. There are lots of other examples that show the advantages of glare on images. Like a flash glare on a portrait.

I believe you can now you this information to remove glare from your pictures using photoshop. At first, I will look hard but as you practice, it comes easy and simple. If you follow these steps I made available to you, you can remove the glare from the sun, light, and colors. If you find this information useful, do well to leave a comment in the comment box below. And let me know what you think about the steps in removing glare from images.


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