How to quickly Remove Watermark from Photo for Free

Painters after completing their paintings must add their signatures or the names by which they are known for the identification and authentication of paintings. Photographers have no such type of method to show that a particular picture belongs to a specific person. They couldn’t sign on to the photos but they can add watermarks. Before the digital printing system organizations used specific stamps or raised marks in place of watermarks. This stamp or mark is mostly present on the backside of the photo or on the site of the corner which proves that it belongs to that particular organization. 

Watermarks are transparent text, logos, or pictures that are imposed on photos without affecting the appearance of the pictures. Anyone can identify the photographer of the pictures through the watermark imposed on it. Some photographers use watermarks on their photos for the publicity of the business. 

The digital improvement of digital styling has become so easy that anyone can steal someone else’s photo or writings and not only use it but also come that it belongs to him. For this watermarks are very necessary especially when you are uploading a photograph on the internet. 

The reason behind the use of watermark remover

There are a lot of reasons due to which you want to use the watermark remover for a photo. For instance, for the protection of the photo you have added a watermark on it and you lost the original copy of the image without the watermark so in that case, you have to use the watermark remover for your photo. If you want to post on social media like Facebook or Instagram then it is very very difficult that you find a photo without having a watermark on it. And if you are not interested in uploading a photo with a watermark then definitely you can use an online tool of watermark remover for any photo and you can easily upload it. 

Online working photo editing websites

There are a lot of methods you can use to remove watermarks from a photo. A professional photographer can remove it easily by using different software and photo editing techniques and skills he or she has. Many software is present like Photoshop software and even many apps are available on Google play store and Apple store to remove objects including text and watermarks from photos. But these methods are tricky and time-consuming which can only be done by a skilled professional photo editor. If an unskilled person who didn’t know anything about photo editing wants to remove watermarks from photos easily then the best choice is to use an online watermark remover from a website. 

Imgkits: the quickest method



Imgkits is an online working website that edits photos by just using a few clicks. Do not take much of your time and you don’t have to learn about any tricks and tips to use it. Although it is very easy and simple to use the online Imgkits tools, the results are shocking and remarkable. Anyone after watching your editing pictures from Imgkits can’t believe that it is not done by a professional. To use the website you don’t have to pay or even you don’t have to subscribe or sign in to your account so it is available for everyone all the time. 

On the Imgkits website, you will find that all the tools are divided into three sections. The first section is the inpaint section in which you can perform four types of functions. You can remove tourists and watermarks from the photos, you can also inpaint old pictures and can improve your skin texture in photos. The second section’s name is photo restoration. In this section, you have tools for enlarging, defogging, denoising, coloring and enhancing the colors of photos. The last section is about the background removal in which you can change as well as remove background from the images. You can also adjust the transparency of the photos in this section. The last part is “about Us” in which the Privacy and cookie policy of Imgkits is discussed.

Watermark removal by using Imgkits

You can easily remove the watermark of any photo by just uploading it on the Imgkits website and it will remove it automatically. You don’t have to pay as it is free, the only thing you need is an internet connection on your mobile or computer. Follow the given steps to remove the watermark :

  • Go to the internet browser of your computer or mobile phone and search for from the results open the Imgkits website and you will be able to see its homepage which reveals all the tools that the website is providing including a tool for colorizing black and white pictures or the tool for removing unwanted people and many more.


  • Among the tools, you will find the option of removing the watermark from the photo along with the picture that depicts the contrasting effect of the tool before and after using Imgkits. Click on that and a new screen will open.


  • Now under the heading of “Remove watermark from photos”, the “Upload image” option will be present in the red color-filled button. Click on it to upload the image from which you want to remove the watermark. 


  • After uploading the picture you will see that the cursor will work as a brush. By using it you can paint the watermark easily. On the left side of the screen, different options are present to adjust the size of the brush to use the lesser tool and polygonal lessor tool to remove the watermark.


  • As you select the whole watermark it will be removed automatically from the photo. And it will take just a second that’s why it is considered the fastest method to remove watermarks. 


  • On the top of the screen undo and restore options are also available but after restoring the photo you can’t reverse it.  On the right side, the Download button is present so that the photo without a watermark will be saved on your device. You can use the re-upload button if you want to remove a watermark from another photo. 


A Lot of methods are present to remove watermarks from photos but if you are not a professional editor and are looking for an easy and quickest method then Imgkits is the best choice you have. Imgkits claims on their website that it can remove watermarks from photos in only 1 second as the whole process is described in the above article.

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