How to Quickly Convert Your Files Online

File conversion has become frequent in both educational institutions and corporate offices. Therefore, millions of people search online for similar tools on a daily basis. Being a free online PDF converter, Soda PDF is at your service in this regard.

Prominent Features

Some of the major features associated with this tool are listed below.

1. Try Soda PDF For Free

Well, this is the feature that attracts thousands of users to give this amazing tool a try. The reason behind this fact is people don’t think of losing their money because they can try it for free. So, if you are concerned about the outcomes, just upload your file with a single click and try converting it into your desired format. You will be surprised to see the outcomes.

2. Convert Your Files Safely

Your data is the most important thing you have and you would definitely not want to lose it at any cost. This is where Soda PDF holds your hand and protects your data with strict security algorithms. You don’t need to worry at all while uploading any of your files online. The whole conversion process will be safe and simple throughout. Feeling secure? Aren’t you!

3. Special Discounts

The discounts and special deals always attract buyers because every one of us wants to save our money as much as we can. Isn’t it? You can get up to 70% OFF on the Black Friday sale. Furthermore, Soda PDF makes the purchase easier for you with exclusive discounted deals.

4. Excellent Customer Support

Many users are usually concerned about the customer support services while buying anything online because they are afraid of being scammed or fooled. But, this is not the case with Soda PDF as it offers 24/7 customer support for every single buyer. You can contact them anytime with your detailed query. One of the representatives will guide you about everything in detail keeping in mind your challenges.

How Your Files Get Converted From One Format To Another?

Well, the whole process is pretty simple and consists of three different stages including file uploading, conversion, and sharing.

Once you launch the online or offline application of Soda PDF, all you need to do is to upload the file that you want to convert into any other format. You can do it more simply by just dragging and dropping your file into the software. If you are using windows, you can choose the file from Google Drive and if you are a regular user of MAC, you are free to choose the document from Dropbox.

Once you are done with step one, you can convert the uploaded file into different formats like image, HTML, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. These are the frequently used formats utilized by both professionals and students around the globe.

Last but not the least, you can start sharing your files with your colleagues, friends, or anyone else you want. Soda PDF allows you to share your files via email once they get converted. You can also download them to your laptop or desktop for future use.

Final Words

Soda PDF is a trusted online PDF converter that provides you with a desktop application for offline purposes. Give it a try and see the miracles happen. Good Luck!

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