Are you getting ready to prepare for your Class 10 Math Olympiad? Assuming your answer is yes, are you having a hard time figuring out where to start? 


Preparing for an examination can be daunting and the word “exam” alone can fill a student with dread. This is common considering there are very few things quite so scary in a student’s life as fearing the unknown. But of course, going well and beyond and ensuring you are adequately prepared takes a load off your shoulders and reels you back in a sense of control with regards to your exams. 



So, look no further, here are our top tips for you to ensure you are fully prepared to ace your Math Olympiad exam –

  • Know Your Syllabus

Firstly, and most importantly, you should know your syllabus thoroughly. Regardless of your class and level, ensure you gather substantial knowledge regarding your specific syllabus. Familiarize yourself with the same pattern of questions based on previous year papers.

  • Start Collecting Study Material

Your next step is to collect and gather all relevant and important material. Since Conventional- level questions are not what you will be encountering, don’t make the mistake of relying solely on your board prescribed math textbooks. Consult with your teachers and peers and ask them to suggest some books to purchase that will help you with a certain specific topic or method that will assist with your preparation. Use the internet, find out what others before you have found helpful in previous years and try to get the latest versions of these books and worksheets.

  • Adhering to A Strict Schedule

You need to follow a routine that works for you. Schedule timings for covering important concepts and to further practice with sample papers and worksheets. Time is your friend in this situation, so be careful to juggle your schoolwork, homework and other interests/ hobbies in an efficient manner and allot specific timings for each of these activities and ensure you stick to it as best you can.

  • Dive Deep Into The Concepts

You will need a much higher level of theoretical and practical knowledge of each of the concepts. So, make sure you dig deep, research and ensure a level of understanding of these concepts far higher than just the conventional understanding you developed in school.

  • Ask for help when you need it!

Never shy away from clearing your doubts when it is required. While preparing for your test, you will definitely encounter many methods and concepts that will leave you feeling quite confused. If you ever feel like you need help, make a list of the areas you need clarified and take them to your school math teacher.

  • Organize Study Groups

Invite your friends and classmates attending the exam to join a study group. This will vastly help in gaining insights from your peers and also give you a chance to estimate your current preparation method and level to theirs. Study groups are also a great way to clarify doubts among each other and get valuable tips of preparation from your friends which may work great for you!

  • The Internet is your friend

There are various portals, tutorial sites online that will greatly help in your preparation. There are various experts, mentors available online to help teach you new techniques and methods for you to ace your exam. Further, there are various sites that offer practise tests, sample papers, work-sheets, portals discussing methods of solving some difficult math problems, new methods, techniques, all of which will help in your preparation. You can also look for sample or old papers like IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 2014.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice..!

As we all know, practice makes perfect! Practice everything over and over again until you gain a familiarity that allows you to be confident enough that all possible questions in this particular area have no way of phasing you regardless of the form in which they may appear. Practising over and over again will ensure you make no careless mistakes. Use online portals to find mock tests and strictly abide by the time until you are able to correctly solve them in the allotted time. This will bring a whole lot of confidence in you and give you the ability to solve any complicated problems that come your way. Patience is so important, everything does not come easy, continuous effort and hard work is required, but the results will be worth it.

  • Challenge Yourself,  And Track Your Progress Daily 

Track your level of progress every day to see how far you’ve come and how much farther you need to go to attain your goal. Give yourself new challenges and tasks every day and make it a little harder each time. When you are successful, this will be a huge confidence boost and make you a lot less anxious when the time comes to finally sit for your exam. Further, these new challenges will show you how well you have progressed to date. Give yourself a certain number of questions and allow yourself a certain amount of time and check how many you are able to successfully solve and answer. Find the weak sections that take you longer to solve and focus more on it until you bring your time down.

  •   Stay Calm, Relaxed And Healthy

To be able to solve complex math problems, you need to make sure you have a clear head and are calm, fully composed and relaxed. Remember to hydrate yourself constantly while studying and eating healthily. Make sure you have ample sleep the night before your exam.


These 10 tips are sure to help you prepare for your Math Olympiad. After all, what is most important is that you feel confident and ready to ace the exam, and by following these steps, you surely will. Best of luck and start preparing today!


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