How to Monitor Internet Browsing History?

More than 80% of the teens are watching pornographic content online at least twice a week. Equally such a threat, 70% employees in the office during their working hours are no different. Hence, it is essential to monitor the internet browsing history of the target person. MocoSpy is a high-tech  internet monitoring app that lets you spy your target person remotely.

MocoSpy internet tracking history software

Hence, with the Spy app, you can get your hands on your employee’s and kids’ internet browsing history. Moreover, you will know if they are using it, rightfully or not. If your target cell phone has MocoSpy in it, then it will let you:

  • Monitor the number of times internet history checked
  • Checking date and time stamps for their website
  • Monitor target’s URL
  • Monitor bookmarks websites

  Secret Internet history spy app

When you cannot monitor your target person’s internet history in private mode, there is no need to monitor that account. Furthermore, they are not doing such things, on a severe note with losing their footprints, browsing history. You can still have the internet history spy app to monitor the target person on a secret mode. Hence, MocoSpy is one of those apps that can watch the target person sneakily.

 Works on Android compatibility

MocoSpy is a highly optimized app that can work on Android tablets and cell phones. Our extensive compatibility has made us stand out among all other spy apps vendors. MocoSpy can work on every Android cell phone above the 4.0 operating system.

 Get the bookmarks

MocoSpy is the high-tech tool of the internet history app. Why? It is because you can monitor every facet of the target person’s internet history to monitor your employees and children. If you are doing it, then you must get MocoSpy.

 Browsing internet history Analysis

If you are thinking of monitoring your target person’s internet history, either your employee or your child. However, you cannot do anything; it is due to the plethora of internet visits daily. It is only then you can call to rescue. Hence, with the help of MocoSpy, you can get the full history of the daily visit of the MocoSpy internet history the one which you don’t want them to watch specifically.

Why get the MocoSpy internet history tracker?

It is the fact that all the tween and teens have the internet device on their readily available handheld devices. Furthermore, increased usage of the internet in the area where there is no parents’ approach can lead to the direct chances of cyberbullying. Hence, after limiting the children’s internet access, parents can save them from potential distressing and harmful content online.

As far as a business is concerned, around 89% of the employees can waste their time online on the internet when approximately 39% of them are browsing online. Therefore, the internet tracking tool has its own benefits in your office.

Pros of using MocoSpy

  • Reliable and value for money
  • Great set of features
  • Affordable packages
  • Different deals
  • Remote monitoring


Downloading and installation of MocoSpy

It is the most reliable method, and you can monitor your target’s internet history remotely. For this purpose, you must have android spy software on your target’s cell phone.

Installation and downloading hardly take 5 to 10 minutes only. You only need to follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Subscribe to MocoSpy with an authenticated email and password.
  • Install and download the internet history tracker into the target cell phone. For this reason, you must have a one-time introduction to their cell phone.
  • Log into their online control panel, you can log into the dashboard, and from there, you can choose the option that leads to the web history monitoring.
  • Hence, you can monitor the bookmarks and the desired URL information of the website that your target is watching.

Browsers that you can monitor

You can easily browse the following browsers from the target cell phone in no time.

  • The browser history on chrome
  • The browser history on safari
  • Fire-fox

Hence, web-browsers can be used to hide the privacy of its users. Therefore, it is difficult to sneak into the control panel sometimes. Also, their incognito mode can be the problem. Hence, browser history can keep their browsing history hidden for a more extended period. You can check their history from the third-party app-MocoSpy. Furthermore, one cannot delete things that have been on their browsing history.


With the help of MocoSpy it is super easy to monitor someone else’s browsing history. Furthermore, after removing all the barriers of a highly privacy secure browser, you can still know what is happening on their cell phone with MocoSpy. MocoSpy internet monitoring feature is highly reliable, and you can understand almost everything about your target in some minutes. You only need to check the legal requirements of the state you are living in.

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