How to install an app from outside Android Market (Google Play Store) Google play store on your android phone?


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Today the era we are enjoying is the era of technology in which people watch or share their favorite content by just one click. It doesn’t matter where you are sitting, in which part of the world you are relaxing but you can download your favorite content. The invention of android phones makes it easier for people to watch or install their favorite app or content from the Google play store. But where technology carries advantages for people, it also has some disadvantages for technology friends. Sometimes you are unable to download your favorite apps from Google play store?

Yes, it is possible because Sometimes Google removes or discontinues apps from its Store that it might contain virus and error or it hasn’t met the requirements of Google or it is restricted to use in some countries. But don’t need to worry, as we said earlier that every technology problem will have a technology solution. So, let’s discuss some methods that how we can download the app from outside Google play store on the android phone.


  1. APK Mirror Method

APK Mirror also is known as Android Package Kit, is the most popular and easiest way to download apps from outside Google play store on your android phone. According to the technology friends, the most, safest way to download an app from outside Google play store on your android phone is the APK Mirror method.


`           APK Mirror allows you to download the apps that may not be available to you and for your android phones. It also helps to download the apps that are not geographically available in your country.

This application provides the cluster of popular applications along with their description and availability of their current and earlier version. The most important feature is that you can compare the old and new versions of your desired application.

Why APK Mirror?

In this technological era, sometimes the applications you desired for unable to your access due to some reasons, due to some bandwidth and storage issues, and sometimes you are unable to get your desired application from Google play store due to license issues and virus, but every time reason is not the same. Most of the time you can get it due to restrictions of the country location. Now having APK Mirror, you can install APK application bundles. APKM is a gateway to access your application even without installing from Google play store.

So, you can save your desired application as of APK files to your memory SD card, Computer, or drive to save your storage and install even if you are offline, and you are in the region where you are installing the application as restricted by geographical location. Google Play Store will not give you access to install the APK application from the Google Play Store, but there are a few website applications you can access APK Mirror.



How to install and download allocation from APK Mirror?

The process to download the APK Mirror is pretty simple. You can download it from the APK Mirror website. Once, the application is installed, now you can download your desired application.

But some files cannot be accessible from even APK Mirror due to virus that can even harm your android devices (Phones). The setting, up to your android device, is the most important part. In your security settings, you have to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources (APK Mirror).

The option also depends on the different versions of android. For earlier Android version users, you just have to go to the application option and then select unknown resources and click on OK for popup alert. To get started for your android device, go to the app drawer and click downloads, here you will find your downloaded content or applications.

For content downloading following steps should be taken below

For Content Downloading

  • Enter on your browser
  • Find your desired application
  • Select the most, the right version of the application
  • Download the application you desired for
  • Open your downloaded application in APK Mirror Installer
  • Last but not least install the application in APK Mirror installer

The natural selection of technology has benefited us a lot. The process becomes easier and simpler even for your android mobile devices. So if you are unable to download your content from the Google play store. APK Mirror is for you.

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