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How-to guide for getting referrals to jobs in tech – 2022

How-to guide for getting referrals to jobs in tech

How-to guide for getting referrals to jobs in tech

It’s challenging to get an interview with a top tech firm. Getting a company referral is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. Using a job board to present your resume is a perfectly valid approach. However, companies like Google review hundreds of resumes per month. It is difficult for such businesses to figure out who is suitable for progress and who should be denied.

Making sure that someone inside the organization can vouch for you is crucial when it is related to referrals. Even having someone in the firm who can ensure that a recruiter prioritizes your resume is beneficial. Above all, a referral can tilt the scales towards him if a job seeker has done everything else correctly. Thus, referrals assist you in getting your foot in the door at businesses.

List of the Best Tech Firms to get Referrals for

The best way to get a referral for a job is to look for current employees or reach out to former employers who may know someone who works at the company you’re interested in. Locating someone who works for Google, Facebook, or Amazon can be simple, thanks to LinkedIn. Once you’ve found the right person, ask them if they can refer you for a particular position in a kind manner.

Here is a list of the best tech firms for which you can consider specific jobs and get referrals:

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How To Get Amazon Referrals

Getting an Amazon referral might impact your chances of making it to the interview round.

LinkedIn’s search feature to find referrals from company employees is the most suitable option. LinkedIn features an advanced search option that allows users to search for people who work at the firm you’re looking for and the former staff.

Search for Amazon on LinkedIn and click “Advanced Search” to view a panel. To see who is in your network, you may also filter by first-degree connections or second-degree connections.

Notify your network, in addition to LinkedIn, that you’re looking for a job at Amazon. This allows your friends and network to do searches for you.

If you’re a university graduate, you may generally find alumni networks and events to engage with. Look through your university’s network for people who would be a great fit and who attended your school and are interested. Ideally, they are already employed by the company.

Why Amazon?

Here are some particular figures that make Amazon a great tech company to get referrals for:

See more about Amazon’s referral process and their salaries here.


How To Get Apple Referrals

You can find referrals from Apple employees using LinkedIn’s search feature, like Amazon referrals. LinkedIn has an advanced search feature that enables you to look for people who work at the company you’re looking for and former employees.

On LinkedIn, search for Apple and then select “Advanced Search” to see a panel. You can also sort by first-degree or second-degree connections.

Apple employees are generally happy to recommend rookies for new opportunities. They are even rewarded for their efforts. As a result, knowing a member of the Apple team may assist you in securing a job at the company.

Aside from LinkedIn, you could ask your friends and family for suggestions. They might help you in your research.

Why Apple?

Here are some figures that make Apple a great tech firm to work at:

See more about Apple’s referral process and their salaries here.


How To Get Microsoft Referrals

To gain references, send connection requests to 10–20 people on LinkedIn who work for Microsoft and are at the same level as you are looking for. Outline your experience and tell them why you’re the ideal candidate for that particular position. Some of them may be able to help you and offer referrals.

Notify your friends regarding your research. They may know someone who can get you a Microsoft referral.

Microsoft also accepts university referrals. Referrals from universities are directed to open student and graduate positions, located under search jobs > Students and recent graduates.

Why Microsoft?

See more about Microsoft’s referral process and their salaries here.


How To Get Facebook Referrals

Allowing your followers to share your content on Facebook is one of the most effective tactics to get referrals on Facebook. You might also make it obvious how they can share it with others. Help them understand ‌you can get referrals from their Facebook connections.

To gain Facebook referrals, you must be willing to provide referral-worthy services and develop the habit of delivering on time. You will be referred without canvassing for it if you do this.

Why Facebook?

An Easy Solution for Getting Referrals to Jobs in 2022

We are here with an easy and quick solution for referrals. Instead of asking people on LinkedIn and Facebook and bothering them, you can request a referral on Refermarket.

Refermarket is more than just a referral service. It connects you with employees and increases the chances of receiving an offer. The organization has worked with professionals from several top-tier firms.

All the candidates have already surpassed other referral networks by 8 times. So if Refermarket cannot find a suitable candidate for a referral, they will provide you with thorough feedback on your application.

Refermarket’s process of getting referrals is easy and clear.

Referrals are the simplest way to get tech interviews, and they’ve been shown to increase your chances of getting hired by 55%. Refermarket is the best approach for receiving referrals as it removes the need to seek referrals on various social media platforms. Instead, it will complete all tasks and connect you with people who will help you get referrals.

Final Thoughts

Getting referrals could be a challenging task. Even if you know you’d be a good fit for a tech company you’re interested in, getting an interview may be difficult.

Most firms rely on referrals to help tech staff stand out. When you’re looking for a job, take the time to reach out to current employees and your network for a good referral. It could result in a great offer.

We hope that this guide on referrals will be beneficial for you to get into tech jobs.

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