How to Get a Free VIN Check & Vehicle History Report in Canada


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Buying a brand new vehicle is always an exciting and most preferred option, as there is no historical record of the vehicle which will get you in trouble. But for many Canadians, purchasing a new vehicle can cost too much.

Luckily, the used car market has developed over a year, so you can buy a used vehicle comfortably. Although buying used cars can be tricky as it might have some unfortunate history, the car may have some deformities or it might have been roughly used by the previous owner, or the vehicle might have major damage. So, it is really important to gather all the information about the vehicle before buying, so that you might not face any problems in the future.

What is a vehicle history report?

A report containing detailed information of a particular vehicle, including damage, repairs, accidents, open recalls, odometer readings, as well as the previous owner’s information is known as a vehicle history report. You can get the vehicle history report of a particular vehicle online or through car dealerships. 

A vehicle history report can give you detailed information about the vehicle’s past so that you can properly check the vehicle according to its history. A vehicle history report can even inform you about all the work done on the vehicle by the previous owner. If you are thinking of buying a used vehicle, a history report of that particular vehicle can be very helpful to check all the hidden issues.

What is a VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number is generally referred to as VIN, the combination of letters and numbers, that is assigned to the vehicles individually. Generally, VIN is a sequence of 17 numbers and letters combined. Every vehicle has a different VIN. Vehicle identification number provides some general information about the vehicle like to whom it belongs and the person’s address.

Although both Vehicle History Report, as well as VIN Check, provide information about the vehicle’s past, there is a huge difference.

The good thing is, you can easily perform a VIN check with the right VIN decoder. Here’s the most user-friendly VIN decoder to help you out.

What’s the difference?

Although You can find both vehicle history reports as well as VIN check service online, there is still a great difference between the two of them.

A VPN check provides only basic information about the particular vehicle, only when you know the vehicle identification number. The information provided by the VIN check is model, engine, drivetrain, year of manufacture, and place of manufacture.

A VIN  can only save you from fraud and deception.

However, a vehicle history report can give you detailed information about the vehicle including major accidents, claims, title status, ownership changes, recall campaigns, odometer discrepancies, service records, and import records. A vehicle history report is much more informative than a VIN check, but it can cost you a little depending on the seller.

Although, you can also get it for free, to help you out here is a list of the best free VIN check services

List of best free VIN check services

While buying a used vehicle, your primary goal should be getting a VIN check or vehicle history report of that particular vehicle doesn’t matter whether you’re buying it from a dealer or privately.

For getting the VIN to check free of cost, there are various options available to help it out


CARFAX Canada gives a free VIN check that contains up-to-date information about the particular vehicle’s history. With this information, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to know more about the vehicle or not.



A free tool called VIN Verify is provided by the

Insurance Bureau of Canada to identify vehicles that have major statuses of fire, flood, or salvaged. Although it doesn’t provide you with much information, it will inform you about the hidden statuses of the vehicle. Further, if you are okay with the vehicle’s status you may proceed with a vehicle history report.


Transport Canada provides you with a free tool, through which you can research the vehicle easily and quickly. It will provide you with information such as model name, manufacture date, etc. If the particular vehicle has a lot of manufacturer recalls, then you shouldn’t buy it.

List of the best vehicle history report services

You can get vehicle history reports for free from the right vendor, however, there are various paid options that you can select for getting detailed information about the particular vehicle.


AutoCheck gives excellent service of VIN check that informs you about the model, make, style, year, country of assembly, and information about the engine.

It also provides you with information about the vehicle’s status like registration, fleet usage, usage history, and more.


CARFAX Canada was previously known as CarProof, it is the well-known service provider of Canada, which has access to the largest vehicle’s history databases in whole North America. Carfax Canada has thousands of data sources in the United States. They provide VHR including information about the Canadian lien search, theft records, import/U.S. history, outstanding recalls, vehicle registration, title status checks, vehicle accident, damage claims as well as service information.


VinAudit Canada has recently entered the Canadian market, it keeps proper records of the vehicles including recall records,  registration records, manufacturer buybacks, and vehicle status checks. VinAudit Canada

also keeps the theft records through CAMVAP also known as Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan. You can get the vehicle’s history report easily and quickly through VinAudit Canada just for $14.95. spending this little amount can be very beneficial while purchasing a used vehicle. In the end, you could always have access to free VIN check services here.

How to get a free vehicle history report?

While purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership or online retailer, you can always ask for the vehicle’s history report from the seller for free. Although some private sellers on   Kijiji or  Facebook Marketplace could resist giving the vehicle’s history report, due to the extra expense. However, you could always find a trusted dealership and retailer.

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