How to Edit a PDF File on Windows 10


PDF is commonly used for file types such as texts and documents. If you want to edit a PDF file in windows 10 you need to get a third-party program since it doesn’t come with software to facilitate editing of a PDF file.

There are various software’s both paid and free that can be installed to assist in editing PDF documents. PDF is a file type which was developed by Adobe and what makes PDF files unique from other text files format is that it looks the same on any program or system.

In the discussion below we will tackle various ways on how to edit a PDF file in windows 10 and software that can be used in the editing process.

How to edit a PDF file in windows 10

Most users prefer to use readily available software to edit a PDF file document. If you are in a hurry or you do not need to install the software you can use an online editor such as CocoDoc and is easy to use and are supported by various browsers you just need to have an internet connection.

Editing a PDF file using CocoDoc

CocoDoc editor offers both desktop and online versions. The desktop version is a free trial but has premium services that have monthly charges. However, CocoDoc is supported by various browsers, open the CocoDoc website then choose the section free online.


Options such as upload PDF to CocoDoc are provided for uploading the PDF file. After clicking on the upload file browse option sections pop up that allows you to choose the PDF file that needs to be edited from the computer documents which depends on the directory of documents from the pc.

Once the PDF file has been selected click open then the file will be uploaded on the site and how fast the file opens depends on the internet speed and the size of the file so it might take some time.

The website has got directions on how to change or add text, fill out forms, add images, and more depending on the user preferences.

Furthermore, the editors offer free desktop versions that assist in editing the PDF files offline although free versions come with some limitations but can be upgraded to enjoy the full benefits of CocoDoc. Try it now.

Editing a PDF file using other sites on

While using other websites click on upload PDF file then you will be prompted to choose the preferred file on the computer documents. After selecting the PDF file click open and the file will be uploaded on the site.

It might take some time for the file to open which is dependent on the size of the file and the internet speed. The selected file will now open on the site and it will be in an editable format where the user can select the text he/she wants to change.

CocoDoc is the best free option available for editing PDF files. It is easy to use once it has been installed open then click on my computer to select the file that you need to edit.

On the right side, you will see options such as edit, view, and other options which makes it possible to edit the PDF file without using adobe acrobat. However, various tools can be used to edit a PDF file in Windows 10 as we have discussed above, it only depends on the one that the user is familiar with.

Since other text file formats such as open office and Microsoft word can display the document differently depending on the computer being used. It’s therefore advisable to send important documents such as resumes in PDF format because they cannot change their display even when opened on a different computer.

Other than text files PDF can display interactive elements an example is a form, website links, and videos which makes it a unique and most commonly used file format. For one to edit a PDF file that is meant to be edited is very easy but some are encrypted which makes it difficult to edit since they are in a read-only format.

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