How to easily make posts shareable on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. And most of us haven’t fully understood its amazing features. Features like how to make a post shareable on Facebook. This is one question I will love to provide a solution to as there are many like you reading this post. Who wants to know how to make their post shareable on Facebook.

Just follow and you learn how to make posts shareable with the way steps I have found. Mark has done great since he founded this user-friendly platform. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. Virtually every company, businesses, and individuals use Facebook. You use Facebook that why you are reading this article,

Facebook has revolutionized since it was found way back in 2004. It has included, uploading photos, videos, posts, and lets even most events can now run live on Facebook while Facebook has all those amazing features, I will be sharing a piece of vital information on how to make a Facebook post shareable. But wait what is a Facebook post? Nice question.

What is a Facebook post?

A Facebook post is a form of media you, I, business owners, and companies post on their timeline. This media can be pictures, videos, status, and even live videos. You make a post by uploading any form of the listed media. I know most of us are not new to Facebook so I won’t be explaining how to make a post. While there are four ways you can share a post on Facebook

  • Through the page, if you have any.
  • Through the group, for those in the group.
  • Through personal profile for people who are on your friend list
  • You can also share posts on a friend’s timeline

Now, you may be asking a question like “why should I care about sharing a post”. While I think you should care. Because sharing a post has a lot of importance to individuals and even companies.

Importance of sharing posts on Facebook

I will just list a few of them here so you can know why how important sharing posts is.

  1. It helps in starting a conversation

To me personally, sharing a post has helped me start a conversation and even make friends in the process. When you share a post there are about 80% chances that someone will comment and that can help start a conversation.

  1. It helps establish a brand name if you are operating on a page.

This is important for business owners. When you post an advert on your page, it allows various users to see this post of yours which in turn may establish a brand name for your business.

  1. Helps increase social visibility within the society.

When you keep sharing posts regularly. These posts get people’s attention. Hence increase its visibility over Facebook, may warrant other users to search on how can I share posts on Facebook.

Other importance is as follows.

It helps in finding new friends, fans, and followers

It also helps build a relationship with others and loyalty

Having seen its importance, let’s see ways on how to make these posts shareable on Facebook.

Ways on how to make a post shareable on Facebook

I will be listing ways on how to make your post shareable. If a post is not attractive or relevant no one will share it. And this will prevent your post from being viewed, so to help out I will be giving key guides on how to make a post shareable.

  • Add an image with the post so people can know what your post entails
  • Write a short informative post, not every Facebook user loves long posts
  • Post relevant content
  • Try enhancing the post with hashtags, this help attracts an audience to your post
  • Always allow people to comment on the post, these helps start a conversation
  • Try posting a variety of contents
  • Also, try starting a debate by asking engaging questions
  • Ask the user to make a choice
  • Lastly, ask them for feedback, that’s what they think about the post

A bet if you do the tips listed above, your post will be shareable and this will, in turn, attract a large Facebook audience to your post. Now having explained what a post is, its importance, and tips that attract people in sharing your post. Let’s see how we can make our posts shareable on Facebook.

How to make a post shareable on Facebook?

While I believe you now know why it is necessary to always allow your posts to be shared. I have gotten a lot of questions like “how can I make my post shareable on Facebook so it can help others”. This question has pushed me to making research and I have come out with two easy ways on how to make a post shareable on Facebook. And here they are.

How to make a post a post shareable on a computer?

  • Find the post you want to make shareable and click the three dots at the upper corner of your screen
  • A little menu will pop-up, find and check on the edited post.
  • At the bottom of the post-pop-up, next to the save button, click on the drop-down menu. This brings up the post’s privacy settings
  • From the menu, select “public” then click save

How to make a post shareable on a mobile phone?

  • Find the post you want to make shareable and tap the three dots at the top right corner of your phone’s screen
  • In the pop-up menu tap “edit privacy”
  • In the privacy menu, tap the checkbox next to the “public” then tap “done”
  • When you do the above either on your computer or mobile phone, your post is now shareable on Facebook.


Facebook has brought the world to us and has taken most of us to the world. Most companies now use Facebook to transport their brands to the world. How to make a post shareable on Facebook is the latest question on my list?

And I think I just answered that you may not find a lot easier method than this elsewhere so I employ you to share this article with friends and followers. If you think this post has helped and is useful, help leave a comment in the comment box below. Thanks.

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