How To Develop A Fleet Management Mobile App

When an organization indulges in some kind of function and activities where vehicles are involved, in this scenario the company is required to manage its fleet. Now the question that pops up in our mind is, what is fleet management?  So, now let’s make a long story short and we will give you some exciting details of what is fleet management.  We will also cover how mobile app development brings a lot of benefits and the features required for it. 

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is a managerial approach followed by companies. It let companies organize and coordinate their vehicles with the motive of advancing efficiency, decreasing costs, and deliver obedience to administrative law and regulations. Fleet management increases the productivity of a business by ensuring the flawless functioning of the business. 

Managing the Fleet operation functions is the responsibility of the fleet manager.  Fleet management functions include vehicle leasing, funding, upkeep, licensing and obedience, SCM, accident management & subrogation, vehicle tracking, driver management, speed management, fuel management, health, and safety management. The fleet manager is required to get involved with any programs that upsurge the company’s output and eliminates wastage. Fleet management consist of the management of vehicles that include:

  • Ships, Rail cars, planes, aircraft. 
  • generators, tanks, gearboxes, dumpsters, containers of transport, excavators, and other equipment (that can’t move on their own).
  • Private vehicles for work purposes
  • Commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, construction machinery.

With the evolution of technology, the fleet management’s hectic task also becomes easy with software such as Samsara, Fleeto, AUTOsist Fleet, Avrios. Automatic robust technology of such software increases productivity and reduces the cost of the company.  

What Are The Benefits Of A Fleet Management Mobile App?

With the passing of each day, mobile usage in fleet management has increased rapidly with continuous evolution. Fleet managing mobile apps provides great help to fleet managers by improving the company’s day-to-day fleet processes dramatically like never before. 

The innovative mobile apps are more effective in functioning, responsive and more organizations are seeing the benefits of fleet management mobile app. Modern apps help managers in getting real-time updates about operations while the fleets are on the movement.  Fleet manager’s dependency on mobile app increases the efficiency of fleet operation. Here we have listed some of the benefits that companies are getting with fleet management’s mobile app. 

1. Track Your fleet 24×7

It’s 4 a.m. and the fleet manager wants to know where their 80000-pound semi-truck and shipment load is. Nothing could be better than tracking fleets at just fingertips, mobile app lets fleet managers do that.  Fleet managers can track the location of the fleet 24×7 and get real-time updates. GPS fleet tracking helps in Keeping to a Set Timetable, Ensuring Passenger Safety, Maintenance Costs Down. With fleet mobile app tracking, the manager can ensure timeliness in a well-organized way.

2. Automated Data

The main concern of fleet managers is to get precise and timely data regularly. Manually recording data can upsurge the chances of human error. Automated fleet management with Telematics helps in forecast the upcoming with real-time in-depth reports.  By checking the meter reading of vehicles, the software predicts vehicles’ upkeep due days as per the real usage.  

3. Higher Data Credibility

Manually recording data penmanship and unauthenticated sources can lead to erroneousness and upsurge the chances of human error. There will be a Higher risk of some data will be lost if humans are not careful, including essential data critical to operation. The accuracy of data helps in obtaining accurate business solutions. Consequently, fleet operators can easily reorganize their operations ample successfully.

4. Enhanced Transparency

managers and operators are looking for increasing benefits from installing modern fleet management software. Transparency of obtained detailed financial and personnel information allows fleet managers to see greater insight into the fleet operation. Modern mobile apps are designed in such a way that leads to enhanced transparency. 

5. Fully Optimized

The system is fully optimized and works effectively with in-built Artificial intelligence. Mobile app helps in guiding the shortest route available for vehicles to reach the location. For finding the shortest route the mobile app aligns with numerous pickup points on a sole point.

6. Quick Response in Emergencies

Fleet managers will always know with real-time alerts exactly where a certain truck is at any given time in case of any mishappening such as the accident of a vehicle, serious injury of the driver. Fleet managers can easily track data precisely correct from the warehouse to the destination with a fleet management mobile app.

7. Digital Documentation

Storing paper files is not a piece of cake and requires great effort. Saving documents digitally Fleet Management application’s document manager is a digital document management solution that makes running and managing a fleet of vehicles easier. 

8. Real-Time Notifications

The mobile application operates in real-time so the managers can access essential information when they feel a requirement. Real-time notifications such as the arrival of the fleet after transportation or any other important subject so that drivers can make variations accordingly. 

9. In-Touch with drivers 24×7

With the mobile app operators and drivers stay interconnected and keep their transparency up to date. They can make last-minute variations when required and inform other people via a mobile app.

10. Convenient

No doubt mobile apps are convenient and easy to use for managing fleets with fingertips. Drivers can access all kinds of documentation by scrolling on their mobile devices with a mobile app. 

How To Create A Fleet Management App?

For creating a fleet management app proper planning and execution are essential and performed by professional developers. It is essential to create a mobile app that is interactive, quick, and easy-to-use for tracking, automation, and real-time management of logistics processes such as dispatch, inventory management. There are some of the steps required to follow:

  • Hire a team of developers including business analysts, UI/UX designers, mobile developers, and testers. Need to onboard a project manager to make sure end-to-end management of the project. 
  • They will design and manage the development of the front end. 
  • Application Programming Interface is used as per the commercial for addressing the main functions of mobile applications.
  • Mobile backend as a service is required for backend, so the frontend is wholly handled by the developer team. 
  • Minimum Viable Product app is a functional app and created in the process of fleet management app creation.  MVP provides great help to businesspersons in receiving a rapid response from the market.
  • Afterward, the feedback is analyzed and proper enhancements in the app are made by the team. 

Features Required In A Fleet Management App

1. Real-Time Visibility

It gets quite problematic for the driver to deliver the shipment further without getting proper details quickly. For solving this issue app is required to have real-time visibility that lets see real-time monitoring at every process. The driver with continuously checking the real-time visibility will perform better and deliver on a timely basis. 

2. Driver Management Capabilities

Driver management capabilities consist of a driver’s earning fleet of a particular trip, delivery schedule, tracking, performance benchmark KPI, permission management, number of completed orders. The app is required to have central dashboards for fleet managers with real-time position updates such as vehicle capacity, driver’s performance, etc. 

3. Full integration and an open, scalable software

Fleet management is required to be flexible enough to be adaptable to specific business needs as and when required. Proper fleet management software that supports scale enables rapid integration, rapid expansion, quickly adapts to newly launched services.

4. Fleet Dispatch and Planning Software (including vehicle management)

The decision regarding delivery scheduling of vehicles for orders should be taken wisely while considering the type of order.  Another important factor is whether the customer has enough space required for unloading the truck or if not, then a small vehicle should be sent for delivery. 

5. Machine Learning

Fleet management system which can put on past data to machine learning in direction to track time to base, time on the side, vehicle unloading time, and many more additional factors. The use of machine learning improves efficiency, improves the dependability of delivery estimation that will boost brand loyalty and experience of customers. 

6. Driver Performance and Retention Solutions

Drivers must be clever to check obviously when they are required to scan items, gather signatures, and complete additional services. It will benefit a lot of devices are provided to drivers such as a mobile phone or tablet to scan and log items, review routes, and approve delivery. 

7. Driver Safety and Telematics Software

The greatest significant security feature vehicles consist of is safety-aware drivers.

Telematics refers to a device that combines telecommunications and informatics and lets information be shared without wires. Safety technology can similarly decrease a company’s protection costs and also protects the people responsible for delivery. The company needs to restrict drivers to go in restricted areas where high risk is involved. During covid times instructing them for contactless delivery.


The automotive software and apps provide a convenient way to monitor fleet operations. Mobile app development for fleet management is the modern requirement of the automobile market, it helps in enhanced growth. We expect this article will assist in a better understanding of the fleet management mobile app. 

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