How to Delete Pages from PDF files

If you work in a company, you will know that it’s common to update all your information and files. Aside from the fact that it will keep you on the right track, it’s also important to avoid cascading incorrect information. Most offices nowadays use PDF as the main file format for all their documents. While this tool is truly effective, it’s only meant for consuming information.

Luckily, there is an easy way to manage and modify your PDF files. With the help of an online PDF tool such as PDFBear, you can make necessary changes, update your files, and personalize the contents of your PDF documents. It’s a web-based platform that works on all devices. In this article, we will teach you how to delete pages from your PDFs.

How to delete PDF pages?

Most businesses often compile a variety of paper works and save it into a single document. However, there are instances where you need to delete pages from PDF to ensure that it doesn’t contain irrelevant information. One of the most convenient ways to do that is by using PDFBear. All you need to do is to visit their website. You don’t need to sign up for an account.

Once you are already on the site, look for the function that says Delete PDF Pages. This will bring you to another page where you need to follow 4 simple steps of processing:


  1. Upload the PDF document that you want to modify. You can select it from your computer or you can use the Drag & Drop option on the website.
  2. After doing that, the tool will automatically scan your document and will give you a preview of how it looks like. Keep in mind that if the document is protected with a password, it will require inputting it first.
  3. Once you have the preview, you can now select the pages that you want to delete. You can select as many as you need. Once you are ready, you can choose Apply.
  4. After about 2 minutes, or depending on the size of your document, you will now have the option to download your updated PDF file.


PDFBear is compatible with all devices. It means that you no longer need to switch from one device to another. For as long as you have access to the PDF that you want to update, you can do so by opening a browser and accessing their website. It is truly convenient and user-friendly.

Why do you need to keep your PDFs updated?

If you are hesitant to update the contents of your PDF documents, here are some of the reasons why it’s necessary for you to do so:

1.  Share reliable information

When running a business, you always want to make sure that you are sharing reliable and trusted information. If you know that all your PDF documents are updated, you will be worry-free sharing the file with other users.

2.  Ready to send when needed

You’ll never know when you’ll need to share a file. So, instead of spending more hours updating it only when you need to send it, why not keep it updated as it goes. It will not only make you efficient at work but it will not also affect your productivity.

3.  Avoid irrelevant documents

There are times where you forget to update the files on your computer. Because of that, you will always end up with a lot of documents that you no longer need. By keeping it updated, you can be sure that you don’t have any irrelevant files and contents on your computer.

4.  Save space on your computer

As a result of all this, you can certainly save space on your device. Clearing out and organizing your files gives you more space for upcoming documents. Moreover, you can also save time decluttering your files each time you update your PDFs.

How can PDFBear help?

There are many ways PDFBear can help you with this task. Additionally, it also offers a wide range of services that are free for everyone to use. One of the most common functions is file conversion where you can convert all types of documents to PDF and vice versa. This is helpful if you are planning to organize your files and archive some of them.

Another feature available on the site is for managing and personalizing your documents. For instance, if you want to combine multiple PDF files and save them as one document, you can use the Merge option. There’s also a smart way to affix your signature digitally so you will save time printing and scanning it just to close a deal. With PDFBear, you’ll have all the tools you need with just a few clicks.

In conclusion

PDF documents signify reliable reading material. So whether you are using it for business or personal needs, make sure that it is updated and organized all the time. PDFBear can help you do that. Visit their website to know more about this tool.

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