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In the present pandemic time, many people, businesses, or teaching platforms opt for an online way to resume their work. They are looking for efficient ways to promote and attract the audience. Video animations are putting a significant part in convincing the viewers.

Besides this, choosing a versatile online animated character-making tool can be your next hassle. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a free animated character online tool.

To get a better understanding of this topic, we will be covering the following topics in this article:

  1. 5 Tips You Should Follow While Making an Animated Character
  2. Doratoon – Introducing Users to an Effective Animated Character Online
  3. How to Create an Animated Character and Customize Its Movements

Doratoon – Introducing Users to an Effective Animated Character Creator

An efficient animated video maker has been increasingly in demand in recent years. Getting the right cartoon video tool enables you to generate more leads for your business. This part will introduce an effective animated character creator to attract your potential customers.

Doratoon is an online animated video-making software that provides access to its amazing features. It is one of the flexible tools that lets the users create stunning animated characters in easy steps. The tool enables beginners to create great animation pieces without going through any tutorials. Doratoon comes with a huge number of templates that can be customized according to your requirements.

Most notably, this tool gives your ideas a realistic touch for your life events. Doratoon is an all-in-one video animation maker that designs and creates appealing animations.

Business and Individual Tailored Templates by Clicking Here >>

What Makes Doratoon Effective in Animated Character Creation?

Below is a brief explanation of the features that make Doratoon effective in animated character creation.

  • Managing Texts

If you are recording any tutorial, then the relevant texts for the topic should be considered. Doratoon helps you in this task by providing you facility to manage and add texts. You can use it with special effects and animations to make it more pleasing to the students.

  • Material Alignment of the Video

This feature ensures the professional look of your animated piece. You can turn on the gridlines and align the aspects for the material alignment.

  • Using Format Painter

Format Painter is an exceptional feature that lets you upload the audio content into video content. Moreover, it allows the teachers to record their voice speeches directly on the microphone without any voice distortion.

  • AI Dubbing

AI Dubbing feature brings ease while creating video animations. It is a built-in feature that allows automatic dubbing to generate eye-catching content. This feature supports convenience to the users as it converts the written texts into speeches.

How to Create an Animated Character and Customize Its Movements

In this part, we will discuss the procedure of how to create an animated character and customize its motion accordingly.

Step 1: Start a New Task with Doratoon

Firstly, you need to reach the web browser. Go to the official site of Doratoon and sign in to your Doratoon account. Now, click the “Create New Work” mentioned at the left side of the browser at the navigation pane.

How to Create an Animated Character and Customize Its Movements

How to Create an Animated Character and Customize Its Movements

Step 2: Make a New Draft

Make new draft

Make new draft

There will be a drop-down list under the “Blank Draft” column on the box. Click on it and choose a suitable layout. Now, you need to click the “New Project” for creating a new blank project.

Step 3: Expand the Suitable Character Category

You can choose the “Character” option from the toolbox. Now, increase the preferable category from the extended “Character” pane. Choose any character you want from the built-in options, and it will be automatically added to the Canvas. Moreover, you can also upload the character of your choice by clicking on “Upload Character.”

Character Category

Character Category

Step 4: Select the Priority Action

Click the character on the canvas and select the “Action” icon from the floating toolbox present on the character. Choose the wanted action from the “Actions” gallery that appears consequently.

Step 5: Export the File

Export the file

Export the file

The last step requires you to select “Export” from the top-right corner. Choose your preferences, including the pixel quality, watermark, title, and tag. Adjust them according to your choice and press “Ok.”

5 Tips You Should Follow While Creating an Animated Character

The animated videos containing animated characters are an astonishing path to interact with the audience. All the relevant information combined with a cartoon video would not stop anyone from hitting the play button. The animated character in your video animation has a strong impact on your business, promotions, or education.

With the assistance of animated characters, you can attractively deliver your ideas and messages. That is why creating an animated character is always a wise idea. Following are some tips that one should follow while creating the favorite animated character.

  • Motion Of Speech

When you are designing a character animation online, you must consider the motion of speech and mouth. Go in the flow with coordination of the letters in order to avoid the low-grade animation. Moreover, the animator should avoid the pronunciation of each and every word’s letters. This would result in instant mouth motion that might cause an irregular appearance.

  • Facial Expressions

In any cartoon video, the facial expressions of the character are the crucial element. It is always a good idea to keep them natural without being noticed by anyone. This can create a realistic look of the character to enhance the overall image to the viewers.

  • Set Your Character’s Motion

Time is another concerning factor when you have to control the animations. Usually, the cheerful character motions are sharp and instant. You can use slower motions to depict the upset or down feelings of your character. However, irresponsible usage may lead your video animation to wrongly timed scenes.

  • Record Yourself

Recording yourself will provide you with a starting block of your character animation. You need to check why and how animation should move. This would ensure you how to pursue the animation by pausing, reviewing, and rewinding in slow motion without skipping any essential block.

  • Real World Inspirations

To draw your character animation online, you should take inspiration from the real world. It is even more helpful for the user when they want to create the character’s facial structure. They can go with the process by adding voice overs and reciting the dialogues.


This article concludes on the importance of an efficient animated cartoon character tool. Animated cartoons show us the entertaining and creative world which is necessary for business or brand promotions. This leading animation online tool, Doratoon, helps the users to deliver the desired results to the audience. Undoubtedly, it is a cost-effective and simplest tool ready to help you in your animations.

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