How to Calculate Employee Turnover Cost? (100% Work)

CEO Ram Tumuluri “Great strategy is useless if implementation planning isn’t part of the design of that strategy. And, that assigning the majority of resources to implementation efforts is equally useless if strategy design isn’t aligned to corporate purpose and objectives. The nuances of this balance were smartly outlined by Brightline:”
Employee turnover can be a massive cost for an organization. Investing in reliable personnel turns out to be a good advantage for an organization. At the same time, employing unreliable people, who will be quick to shift the company, turns out to be a massive cost for the business.

When a new employee is hired, there are a lot of hidden costs with the person. From the induction to sometimes specific training and human resource time spent on the new employee, everything has a cost.

If the loyalty of the employee is not guaranteed, then the entire process of recruitment, hiring, induction, training, and all relevant costs becomes a sunk cost. A cost that is never to come back. A cost that becomes a loss of time and wastage of resources.

What is an Employee Turnover Cost

Studies have predicted and concluded that every time an organization replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average. For a manager making $60,000 a year, that’s $30,000 to $45,000 in recruiting and training expenses, as reported by People Keep.

While the turnover may vary by wage and the role of the employee, it is a cost at the end of the day and might result in a substantial loss of time and resources. How to ensure the loyalty of the personnel or check the real mettle of people that are being hired.

How to Lower the Employee Turnover Cost

One sure shot and initial step of lowering the employee turnover cost is hiring the right personnel. Now, how does one know that it is the right person after all? The resume seems perfectly fine, the person displayed immense loyalty and looked decent. So, is all this data sufficient to surmise that the person would not switch quickly? No.

As an effective HR tool, your organization can use CocoFinder to run background check on people that the organization intends to hire. There are so many people who display false or feign interest in the job or are just running away from their past criminal records.


A person’s resume can be the first step to zero down on an individual but it can’t be the only reason why it is decided to hire someone. Now, more efficiently, organizations are running background checks on individuals before hiring them.

While this comes at a cost too, but the cost is much miniscule as compared to the losses caused by virtue of employee turnover cost. More and more organizations are being inclined to use CocoFinder to verify the veracity of the details provided by the individuals intending to get hired.

How to check someone’s Background with CocoFinder

As a potential employee submitting their data, they are likely to provide you with requisite information like their name, school name, state, educational, professional, and past experience details.

Now, with data available at your disposal, you can check the background of a potential employee by running the same on the CocoFinder. So, below is the detail of what information you can ascertain based on someone’s details:

Phone Number

If you just have a phone number, you can do a reverse phone lookup on CocoFinder. This will corroborate for the fact that the phone number indeed belongs to the person who has applied for the job.


Using the first name, last name, and state specification of the person applying for the job, you can check up on the background of an individual.


Even if you have the email of the person, it is substantial information for you to attain the documentation details based on their Email ID.

Reverse email


Even if you have the vague specifications of someone’s residential address, you can start a search based on this information and search for details about them extensively.

Why Select CocoFinder

As Employee turnover cost is the prime concern for most organizations, you cannot trust any unreliable source for authenticated data. A lot of organizations also perform the very task of running background checks on potential employees.

The amount such background verifying organizations charge anyway digs a big whole in the cash flow of a company. Therefore, your Human Resource can take these matters into their own hands. They can search the extensive database of CocoFinder based on information that they possess.

It is extremely simple to run a background check on someone based on the least information on CocoFinder. The web-based application has been applauded for its prompt services and the reliability of the information provided.

It will be a really cost-saving exercise when you can first hand witness the conduct of an individual. Their professional history and documents and claims so made can be cross verified through these sources. You do not have to rely upon any over and above recruitment cost in form of background checks.

The charges levied by CocoFinder are minimal as compared to the quality of service provided by the platform and the ease with which this information can be attained. When it comes to a more relevant approach with respect to combating the super high turnover cost, CocoFinder is a sure shot winner.

Therefore, you can extensively battle all over and above additional overheads with respect to cost extensive hiring procedures. Having the ability to know in advance about the person’s conduct can prove to be very helpful. So, CocoFinder can give you the right kind of impetus to know such details.


You can use CocoFinder to run background checks on a potential employee and effectively curb a lot of costs. It’s a blessing to know in advance about a person’s intentions based on their past history and performance track record.

When you use CocoFinder to know what an employee’s true intentions are, you can vouch upon the veracity of the details provided by them. It is also an effective way to judge the truthfulness of the individual and how much you can count upon them for delivery of services and sticking to the organization’s goals.

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