How to Become a CRM Developer

We can agree that every company needs to analyze all kinds of data because it can help them achieve their goals. As the name says, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deals with data about customers. However, it’s often a necessity to have someone develop and maintain complex and demanding CRM systems. This is where CRM developers come into play. They are, basically, software developers specialized in CRM platforms. To become a CRM Developer, it often means it’s necessary to further specialize in one specific CRM system at least. Considering it is one of the growing industries for a while already, the demand for CRM developers is constantly increasing.

What is necessary to become a CRM Developer

In simple words, a CRM system is digital platform companies use to keep track of all information about their customers. It’s, basically, a set of tools and features companies utilize to track interactions with existing and potential customers. With their help, you can get relevant data that will help you manage your business operations better. As well as to find the flaws and work on improvements concerning relationships. With a quality CRM system, you can improve lead generation, conversion rates, and retention. Which will inevitably lead to an increase in profits.

On top of it, CRM systems can be further customized to complete complex tasks which will otherwise be almost impossible. And for that, you will need an experienced CRM developer. As a result, every big company deploys CRM developers for extending the capabilities of enterprise platforms like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP CRM.

What is the role of a CRM Developer?

Role of CRM developer

The main role of a CRM developer is to create and implement CRM improvements to meet specific business requirements. There are many systems on the market, such as MoversTech CRM, that can simplify your day-to-day operations. However, you may also use other solutions that are not always packed with options for every possible scenario. In that situation, you need a CRM developer to create specific modules and plugins and inject them into the system. Not surprising, experienced CRM developers are also able to identify any potential problems and offer further options for integration.

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Kinds of CRM developer careers

There are two common types of CRM developers:

  • Developers in companies that work on internal CRM systems – usually work only with one CRM system. They are basically the company’s employees that provide support for daily operations.
  • Developers that create complex CRM solutions and offer support – mostly independent developers who provide support for their own or multiple products.

In most cases, the type of developer you want to become will be conditioned with the platform you work on. The first type will probably work with SAP CRM and similar solutions and will participate in other aspects of the business as well. While the second type will mostly work only on the system functionality. Without having to participate in other aspects of the company’s business.

Required education to become a CRM Developer

required education

The reality is that there is no formal education that will make someone a CRM developer. However, a degree in computer science is advisable, but not necessary.

By the same token, there are many branches in the IT industry that function in a similar way. While the degree can help you stand out, it’s not important if you have hands-on experience in the industry. What is more important is the set of particular skills that will allow you to do the job successfully.

On the other side, if you do have a computer science degree, it can make it easier for you to learn CRM development. Since you are already familiar with many structural designs, patterns, and algorithms, it will be easier to catch up with CRM development. In addition, a degree in business is also helpful to understand the entire sales process and customer relationships.

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Necessary certification

Training to get a proper certificate can also be helpful in landing a job as a CRM developer. On one side, you are acquiring proper experience with working with a specific system. On the other side, you get a certificate that will improve your credibility when applying for a job. Each of the major CRM system developers like Microsoft offers their own certification programs. For the mentioned, you can apply for PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate certification; Or for Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate certification.

Considering the direction in which CRM technology is going, there are other necessary, and some alternative, skills you will need:

  • Programming languages like C#, JavaScript, .NET, and HTML
  • Experience with CRM API, REST/ODATA, and SOAP
  • Vast proficiency with SQL Server
  • and AI, Blockchain, and IoT knowledge in the future

One of the advantages of becoming a CRM developer is that everyone with the required skillset can get a certificate and apply for a job. However, it’s necessary to decide where do you want to specialize because not all systems use the same skillsets.

How long it can take?

In general, if you are starting from scratch, you will need about four years to become a quality CRM developer. On the other side, if you have a bachelor’s degree in CS, you will need at least one year to specialize. Finally, if you are already an experienced programmer with the necessary skill set, you can become a CRM developer in less than a year.

Salaries and career opportunities

By now, it’s obvious that a CRM developer is not a jack-of-all-trades type of programmer. It’s a closely specialized career path that requires particular programming skills. But, once you made it to the end, it will definitely pay off. The average salary for a CRM developer is about $100,000. Less if you are entry-level, and higher if you have years of experience. However, due to the increase in demand, especially because of the latest crisis, you can expect it to grow. Nevertheless, it’s a perspective career path that will not vanish for a long time.

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To conclude

CRM systems have been used for years already. Despite that fact, the demand for proper CRM solutions is exponentially rising. Every type of business, from small to large companies, is still discovering the benefits CRM offers. If you choose to become a CRM developer, you will easily join the vast corporate world. In essence, this can be a perfect opportunity for all aspiring developers to work on having a successful and prosperous career.

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