How SaaS Marketing Agencies Resolve Customer Churn

As a business owner, one of your main goals is to expand your firm eventually. With this expansion, you’re more likely to encounter problems that could lead to customer churn. If this continues, you may lose profits, too. When you retain customers, though, you can flourish more and aim to serve them better. If you’re unsure how to do it, SaaS marketing agencies can help you.

What Is SaaS?

SaaS is short for ‘Software as a Service,’ which uses cloud-based services to run your business. This includes using software applications that you can run via an internet browser, such as unified communications, office software, and other business apps.

Using these apps provides operational management, compatibility, flexibility, and accessibility. You may throw in affordability, too, making market competition easier for small businesses.

Ways to Reduce Customer Churn

Customer churn refers to the percentage of customers you could lose. There are many reasons why you fail a customer, including their option to stop using your services or products.

Reducing customer churn isn’t impossible if you work with SaaS marketing agencies. Their services can help in the following ways to prevent or lessen customer churn:

1. Develop Easy Onboarding Process

Having customers sign up for your business shouldn’t be the end game. You should ensure that each customer will know how to navigate your products, services, website, or apps. You can do this by implementing a solid onboarding process.

When you know how to choose the best SaaS marketing agencies for your needs, you can have the right tools to help your customers. For instance, you can use a tool to manage and segment your customers to personalize their onboarding experience. Another is a product tour tool that allows you to guide customers on how they can use your product or services. Then, keep your line open by having a communication tool so they can reach you in real time during their exploration period. Most importantly, you should have an analytics tool to monitor what products and processes work for each customer.

Using these apps can improve your customers’ buying experience from signing up to using the products. When they can adapt quickly, customers are more likely to stay, reducing customer churn. Focusing on making they use your services or products actively will be a game changer.

2. Increase Communication

Communication is always an essential factor, especially in business. If you communicate well with your customers, they’re more likely to stay. Good communication includes being capable of talking to you about issues at any stage of their buying journey.

When you’re unreachable when they need you or are dissatisfied with your product or service, they’re more likely to look for other vendors. You can prevent this by using communication tools provided by SaaS marketing agencies. A live chat is a great example to keep customers engaged. They can use this any time of the day, so if they encounter issues, they can easily find a solution by talking to this AI-enabled customer support. For instance, they can access answers to general inquiries that don’t require human intervention.

If their queries are unique and may need human assistance, you must also provide a customer support system to get back to them immediately. Customers feel valued when you give time to resolve their inquiries. This may nurture loyalty because they know that you can assist them at any time.

3. Optimize Pricing

The success of our business is crucial and dependent on your pricing strategy. When you optimize it to balance profit and value, you can boost your earnings and retention.

One way to optimize pricing is to avoid giving hefty discounts. This may increase the number of your customers at first but won’t guarantee loyalty in the long run. Instead, it may even double the churn rate.

Meanwhile, customers who buy your products or services at average or higher prices are more likely to value them. This means they perceive the value of what they paid for because a higher price could mean higher quality for most consumers. If they paid more, they’d expect a better experience.

With the help of SaaS tools, you can develop a strategy to maximize both profit and customer satisfaction through a value-based pricing strategy.

4. Utilize Automated Emails

Automating your emails according to customers’ buying preferences is also an excellent way to increase your marketing strategies and prevent churn. Most SaaS providers have tools that allow you to set up ‘trigger emails.’ You can automate these based on the customers’ circumstances, so you don’t have to check manually how your customers are doing.

For instance, you have a customer who hasn’t used the dashboard for a long time. If you’ve created emails to nudge your customers during these times, they’ll automatically receive such messages. You can show how your customers can make the most out of their dashboard or purchases. Some businesses even attach gift coupons to returning customers.

5. Ask For Feedback

You won’t know if your business gives a satisfactory customer experience without asking for feedback. Note that you can also create automated questionnaires or feedback prompts through SaaS tools.

Thus, when a customer leaves or unsubscribes. Your tool will then send an email that asks for feedback or a form where they can quickly enter their thoughts. This will help you gather data on why customers are leaving.

After feedback collection, you should also get into action by solving the issues that customers have enumerated. You may gain their trust again by having solutions and showing them that you value their feedback.

6. Create a Community

Making a community that engages with your customers is also a social media marketing strategy that may lessen the churn rate. You can create a Facebook group where customers can interact with each other. You should also have a community management tool and team to participate in the group’s discussions.


Your customers are a vital part of your business. Without them, you won’t have people to sell your products or services to. That’s why retaining your customer base can help increase your profits. This will be easier by using various tools from SaaS marketing agencies, such as those mentioned in this article.


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