How Does Electronic Signature Help Your Work Performance?


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Productivity is at the core of any business. If you want to be productive and efficient in your work, you definitely would want to explore various things to achieve more with less. Digital tools are some of the best ways to improve work performance and productivity and an electronic signature is one tool that every business person should consider. 

To start with, e-signature is a legal concept, so you do not have to worry that it would not be valid when you use it. In the business world today, the use of electronic signatures is gaining popularity, thanks to its numerous benefits. The fact that it is easy and fast to create, and can be duplicated over and over again makes it a welcome choice for many. 

All you have to do is find a reliable online signature generator and you can have your signature created in seconds or minutes if you want to try out different options. In this post, we will look at electronic signatures that can help you improve your work performance and by extension your productivity.

  • Document Management Simplification

Before the introduction of electronic signature, managing documents was quite tedious. If you have to send a signed document to a client, you first have to print the document and sign. Then, you scan the document before sending it. The work does not stop here. You also have to file the documents for future reference. Now, this is a lot of processes that electronic signature has simplified. 

With e-signature, all you have to do is upload your e-signature to the document on your PC and send it. You do not have to print or scan anything and neither do you have to worry about filing documents. This cuts out a lot of the processes, leaving ample time for you to focus on other things. 

  • Significant Reduction in Cost

Digitizing and automating the way you do business will help to save costs both in the short and long-term. First, you do not need to print documents. This means you will save on paper and print. Instead of paying for a courier service to deliver documents, you can simply upload the documents to a safe and secure platform. Then, share the link with the people concerned to append their signatures electronically. You can start now and see how it works.

They can open the link and sign on the document electronically. The cost to human power that would ordinarily print, scan, and dispatch the document has also been eliminated. Any way you want to look at it, an electronic signature helps to save significant cost. 

  • Enhanced Productivity

When you do not have to physically sign every document that is brought to your table, you will get more done and your productivity will increase. The use of electronic signatures in a business enterprise enhances work processes and limits mistakes. Sending and receiving documents also become faster as you do not have to physically send signed documents through a courier. 

If you need a document to be signed by multiple people, instead of circulating the document through courier, you can upload the same online and send it to relevant persons. They can use an electronic signature generator to create their signatures and overlay them on the document. To make it faster, you can upload the document to an online e-signature generator and share the link with the appropriate persons. 

They can access the document online and use the e-signature generator to create their signature and overlay it on the document. Signing a document by multiple persons traditionally may take a couple of days or even weeks considering the logistics. However, with an electronic signature, everyone can sign the documents within minutes. This undoubtedly enhances the productivity of everyone involved.

  • Less use of Paper

One of the major challenges in the business world is the use of papers. A recent study shows that if businesses can reduce their usage of papers by about 1% only, they will save billions of dollars. This shows the magnitude of the consumption of paper in the corporate world. The use of electronic signatures significantly reduces the use of papers in a business enterprise. For a start, if you can sign your documents electronically, there is no reason to print the document. 

This means there will be less use of paper and eventually, there may not be a need to use paper again when everyone buys into the use of the electronic signature. The fact that there will be fewer papers to deal with also means you will require less time to file documents and manage files. Ultimately, you save time and remove the stress of dealing with large paper files.

  • Fewer Potential Mistakes with Manual Processing

The traditional way of preparing and signing a document requires a longer process and more persons involved. This increases the risk of mistakes in the process. However, when you move the document preparation and signing online, fewer people are involved and by extension fewer mistakes. This means you do not have to deal with the repercussions of expensive mistakes from your team members and you can get your work done and documents signed within a short timeframe.

  • General Availability

Thanks to this technology, distance is not a barrier. You can have your business associates sign documents instantly without the stress of distributing papers. As long as they can access the internet wherever they are, they can append their signatures within minutes. This means you can conduct business with anyone from any part of the world and have legal backing to it. 

Parties to a contract also no longer have to converge in a single place to authenticate or validate a contract. From any part of the world, they can access and review a shared contract and append their signature electronically. Within a few minutes, you can have contracts signed by multiple persons from across the world. Now, that is better performance and increased productivity at its peak.


Organizations that have implemented electronic signatures in their business are reaping the benefits in folds. There is increased performance and productivity across the board and the cost of operation is reduced to a significant extent. 

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