How Dhiway SEQR is the Best QR Code Scanner App

QR code scanning has become one of the most used technologies by individuals in recent times. It has become a center of advertising strategy since it redirects the consumers into standard URL links, payment gateway, and more. One of the safest and useful QR code scanner apps available in the Play Store/ App Store is Dhiway’s SEQR. The QR code scanner app allows you to scan QR codes safely without worrying about your security. Also, SEQR bridges the gap between the available QR code scanners by analyzing the decoded content through various security filters for a safe experience.

The user interface of SEQR is easy and simple to understand. The QR code scanning app highlights the key information that is essential to make a choice. Not only this, but it also shares visual cues to aware the user about a website or link which will harm the system and track personal data after scanning.

Dhiway SEQR noticeable feature is that it does not show any unwanted offers and promotions in its interface. The other intriguing features of the QR code scanner app are

Security and Convenience:  

Dhiway’s SEQR is dubbed as one of the trustable QR code scanner apps in the play store. SEQR runs multiple security checks when you scan a QR code. The complete information of the QR code is decoded and ensured that there is no privacy threat.

Free App: 

SEQR is free to use, and it is considered one of the easiest guides for you to scan a QR code.

Scan Quick and Easy: 

The user interface of SEQR is simple and easy to use. The app does not include a complex scanning process or steps for redirecting to the QR code information.

Privacy Respecting: 

Privacy respecting is one of the most important features of the SEQR app. Privacy concerns are the major reasons where customer hesitates to scan QR codes or even download a QR code scanner app. However, the SEQR app does not require any personal information for working. You can easily scan any QR code without worrying about privacy concerns.

SEQR is specially designed to keep you safe from all the fake and negative QR codes. The app uses special security features to aware users of a potential virus threat. The security checks done by the app automatically flags malware, phishing link, and harmful websites.

Since payments have become common through QR code scanning, Dhiway SEQR also offers 1-step action to offers seamless payment options. Not only this, the scope of 1-step action is limited to various applications such as SMS, Menus, calendar, and more. Dhiway’s SEQR app is the first initiative to offer a secure and trusted exchange of information in QR code scanning.

The privacy features and simple interface of the app make it worth the time and investment.

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