How can I have a video chat with strangers conveniently

Sometimes, chatting is not enough. Sometimes, we need more than words, we want the personal touch, the affinity, see faces. Sometimes, emoticons are not enough and we want to see the real expressions.

In moments of loneliness, it’s amazing how we can even find solace in strangers. Live video chat also ensures that the person you are talking to is indeed a verified person and not just an impostor.

Shagle: Video Chat Anonymously

Shagle is reining the video chat arena with its super cool features. It ensures completely private video chats. It is a video chat service that can connect you with people all around the globe. With Omegle Plus and its vast customer base, Shagle has a user base of over 3 million people who use it monthly for video interactions with people.

Anonymous Video Chats

The usage of Shagle can be anonymous. You are not required to provide either your name or location. The fact of anonymity will give you more liberty and freedom to chat without any sort of inhibition.

So, without disclosing any of your vital details, you can just be yourself in utter anonymity. This sense of independence without identity reveals is an immensely attractive feature.

No Repetitive Matches

Shagle does not match you with the same people again. You don’t have to encounter someone you didn’t hit it off with. There is no recurrence of seeing the same face or person again and again.

You can just be yourself unapologetically without fearing a repetitive encounter. This also gives you enough room to explore better. There are so many fish in the sea and Shagle makes sure that you get a fresh one each time.

Super Prompt

Isn’t it just outrightly annoying when you can’t connect sufficiently during the video chat? What if you are in the middle of an interesting chat and the connection is just not working out for you?

What if your video gets stuck or the buffering is too long. In a rampantly dynamic time, buffering or losing connection can turn out to be a deal-breaker. This is where Shagle is rather seamless.

You do not have to ponder about the bandwidth or the status of connectivity. Once you are on the platform, it will be seamless and perfect. The servers are of supreme quality and stable. You don’t have to miss out on something or someone you are enjoying interacting with.

Device Compatibility

There is no one good way of using Shagle, there are multiple ways. You can use Shagle on your mobile phone or any other internet-compatible device. So, the usage of Shagle mostly depends upon your device availability.

Geographical Diversity

As opposed to dating applications that highly limit your dating boundary to the location nearest to you, Shagle is international. You can not only connect with people anonymously, you can do so with people from over 70 countries.

Yes, users of almost 70 countries are registered with Shagle and actively use it to interact with each other. The application is best known for its anonymous yet dynamic features and connection with people around the globe without any inhibition or hesitation.

No Compromises over Privacy

Your private and confidential information will never be compromised with Shagle. You can chat all you want but only the information you disclose will be reflective. Other than that, you will be functioning without compromising an ounce on your personal and private information.

As online crime rates are also going very high, people are genuinely concerned about the misuse of their private information. This is why Shagle turns out to be a safe space where your private data and your interactions are truly safe.

Why is Shagle better than other apps?

We often want to run away from reality or sense some mundanity in our routine lives. We know the people around us, in our town, the struggles they have, the scope they have, the limitations they bear.

Shagle is almost like meeting someone on your solo trip, without actually engaging in the robust travel expenditure. People and culture make a place special, other things don’t. Of the many other features, these are the reasons why Shagle is the best way to socialize:

  • Starting Afresh

Shagle is like starting afresh. You try, you experiment, it might work out, it might not. At the onset itself, you do not have to reveal everything about yourself. You also do not need to provide all sorts of personal data. Shagle gives you room to make modifications to your personality that you always wanted.

  • Break from your social circle

If you are tired of your existing circle of friends, you need to explore more. This is why Shagle turns out to be an escape from your friend circle and seeks a new one. You can explore your friend circle to multiple geographies without moving an inch.

  • Relocation and other Geographical issues

Sometimes, you are temporarily based somewhere else than where you belong. In such scenarios, the dating apps mostly show you people in and around you. You can explore the geographical territory of your choice and video chat with people from over there.

There are people from over 70 countries that are registered with Shagle. You can explore beyond the local territory and leap boundaries over and over.  Shagle will always match you with someone new. You do not have to chat with the same person. You get the constant liberty of trying new people out.


With Omegle Plus, you can attain the kind of dynamism that you might desire in your social life. Video chatting with people without inhibitions and concerns, the application offers you the best social group. Its usage has increased over time since its launch in 2010.

Live video chats give the personal touch that otherwise normal chatting lags. This is why Shagle, through its seamless and vast system, allows you to interact upfront. It also offers the security and protection of private details. None of your data and details are ever compromised.

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