Why and How Businesses Should Use React for Web Development?

Originated at Facebook in 2011, React JS has soon become a star of the web development industry. Especially for front-end developers, React has broadened opportunities for building efficient and seamless user interfaces. If you ask dedicated React JS developers, this compact Javascript library has emerged as a boon for developers and web-based businesses alike.

Let’s explore what attributes make React unique and how technology companies can capitalize on React to accelerate web development. We also explore in the article why to hire a react developer.

What is React JS?

React is an open-source Javascript library built for front-end and user interface development. It is best united for creating websites and web applications that involve interactive UI elements like dashboards, menus, search bars, and more.

Significance of Using React for Web Development

Simplicity is the most appealing attribute of React that has amassed over 1200 active contributors strengthening the library with regular updates. With a component-based approach and a well-defined lifecycle, React simplifies complex interfaces while delivering the best rendering performance.

For digital businesses, React solves the most dreaded challenge of page load speed that marred the development of dynamic web applications. 

Advantages like code reusability, enormous time-saving, and significantly lower operational costs, enable businesses to embrace React JS development. It is the reason why top-notch companies, from Facebook to Dropbox and Uber, are utilizing React’s capabilities to deliver an intuitive user experience.

Here are some more reasons for businesses to hire React JS developers for their next project-

Reusable Components

React’s declarative nature divides the entire code into ‘components’ that basically represent distinct user interface elements. Product developers can reuse these components across web pages, thereby saving enormous time for focusing on core app functions.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM or Document Object Model is React’s secret sauce to implement server-side rendering without updating complete web pages during updates. It powers fast and scalable web pages.

Optimized for SEO

Faster page load time, coupled with adaptive performance based on traffic, are the reasons why online businesses can bet on React effortlessly. Choosing a React JS Development Company, therefore, complements marketing and SEO efforts to multiply revenue.

Easier Migration

During technological advancements, React enables businesses to streamline migration while taking care of maintenance, compatibility, and application infrastructure.

Quick Debugging

React Developer Tools is an extension for Chrome and Mozilla browsers that deploy React-specific debugging functionality. What’s more, with an in-built debugging mechanism, the browser quickly detects relevant data about erroneous code sections.

Improved Testing

React ensures code stability and quality by running efficient unit testing while avoiding system crashes.

Most Viable Business Use Cases Using React

Having digested all the pros of using React, let’s skim through some long-term business use cases with React, so we know why to hire a React developer.

eCommerce Portals

Amid the ongoing pandemic, businesses have all the more reasons for shifting their brick-and-mortar stores online to capture user demands. Considering the gigantic eCommerce infrastructure, React becomes the first choice to reduce development efforts while improving performance and scalability.

eLearning Modules

The second most sought-after business model, eLearning, is gaining traction among educational and corporate businesses alike. The component-based approach makes the development of eLearning dashboards and visualization of performance data a lot easier.

Social Media Platforms

Another perfect React use case is a social media channel that promises smooth navigation and user engagement. Combined with WebSockets, React can easily process real-time data to send quick user notifications for increased site stickiness.

SaaS Applications

Dropbox is the best example when it comes to validating React’s credibility for SaaS Applications. With its lightweight attribute, React can handle the enormous data load of SaaS applications while blending smoothly with other Javascript libraries.

Bottom Line

The dawn of Javascript libraries like React has opened gateways for emerging businesses to enter the digital landscape with significant success. Experts suggest that today’s best business decisions are to hire dedicated React JS developers to sustain in the new normal.

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