Guide to Hiring Employees for Your Repair Business



To an organization, institute, or business holders hiring is a crucial task. There are many advantages of hiring an employee that a full-time employee devotes him or herself to the core traits of your business leading your business to prosperity. You may spread too thin if you are running your business alone. Hiring the right people for their right seats is another milestone for you. Before hiring an employee you should consider these following points:

  • Do you need an employee?
  • Are you hiring just because you are overwhelmed?
  • You have a lot to do but you are lacking time.
  • Do you need a temporary or permanent employee?
  • You need some innovations in your work.
  • You are wearing multiple hats and not focusing properly on your work.
  • You hardly find time for yourself and your family.
  • Your company isn’t growing.
  • Customers are grumpy as your service is too slow.
  • You can afford to hire an employee.

So, take your time and select the right person in the right seat. Your employee must have the following traits so that both employee and business can flourish to their full:

  • Ambitious
  • Intelligence
  • Honest
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Confident
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Optimistic
  • Communicational skills

Points to Consider While Gearing Towards Hiring Process

  1. Root around the right person:

As you are dealing in a delicate task so your employee must have a skill full proficient in his work. Check if your employee has the following qualities:

Well learned: While hiring your employee make sure he is interested in technology and keep his knowledge up to date. He must be a specialist in working on multiple devices and know malware, viruses, and other general features trending in the market.

Prompt diagnosis: Everyone likes to get their smartphone or laptop back as soon as possible. A good technician is one who can diagnose the problem quickly. He should be time conscious and will impose a positive attitude on the customers.

Committed: Your business is your asset and you have established it with hard work of many years. So, if you are hiring an employee who just needs a part-time job but not committed to his work then it may affect your business badly. Try a hire a committed person even it’s on the beginner level, as you can train them into a good technician later.

Clear communication: To avoid misconception and misunderstanding your employee must have good communication skills so that you, your employee, and the customers may pass their thoughts and understand each other properly.

Must be technical: Your employee must have technological qualities as assembling and then disassembling is indeed a critical task. Any carelessness can affect the alignment and damage the threads in the slots or ports. Good memory also matters a lot in this case.

  1. Background check:

A background check is always important to check the previous records, education history, liability, verification, whether he is trustworthy and of good conductance or not.

  1. Legal documentation:  

If you have decided to hire an employee than for surety you have to register for an EIN (Employer identity number) to file for your taxes. IRS has made it easy and costs free to register for EIN. Don’t pay for getting EIN and beware of leeches. You can register for EIN as:

  • Obtain SS-4 form and answer all the questions on this form.
  • If you find it difficult to fill the form then get some help from an attorney.
  • According to IRS you can fill it online between the timing of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time Monday to Friday.
  • Complete the form carefully and at once otherwise, your session will be expired after 15 minutes.
  • There is also the facility of the phone, fax, and mail through which you can get your EIN within three or four weeks.
  • After applying for EIN ask your employees to complete the W-4 form to get informed how much federal income tax to withhold from their pay.
  • It is also needed to withhold part of Social Security and Medicare taxes from employees pays and accommodate your employee accordingly.
  • You also have to buy employees’ compensation insurance.
  • An I-9 form for evidence that they are authorized to work in the state.
  1. Train your candidates:

Being a beginner your employee may find it difficult in getting started. Help them and train them in phases to give them confidence. Give them at least 10-14 days of adjustment otherwise move on finding the best one.

  1. Take care of their rights: Humanity comes first after employment so take care of:
  • Give them reasonable pay on right time
  • Sick leaves
  • Public Holiday
  • Free of the dangerous environment
  • Should have the right to refuse work if it effects on health or mental state.

Final words:

Before making the final decision consider carefully all the aspects of hiring that whether it will cost you or help you in flourishing your business.

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