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If you are reading this article, that means you are somehow familiar with the utilization of PDF documents. Now, not all people are knowledgeable in splitting PDF files. There would be times that upon conversion of your document to PDF file, some parts are unnecessary. GogoPDF will answer that problem for us because it has the option to split your PDF into smaller files. Just keep the parts that you need for your presentation or project.

In this article, let us familiarize ourselves and be productive in using GogoPDF’s Split PDF tool. In that case, it can be useful for our future presentations. And it will be of help in finishing our reports in just a few minutes. That is why if you are going to enter the Split PDF tool into your browsers, GogoPDF will show up. It is one of the go-to online converter tools that is very reliable and efficient.

Why Is There a Need for You to Split Your PDF?

In the past, whenever you needed just a specific topic or page for a report, you had to retype everything and then copy and paste the selection that you needed. But the advancement of online technology gave birth to some of the best online tools that you can use to make it easier for you. One of these tools is GogoPDF.

With so many features to offer, GogoPDF has a split PDF  tool that allows you to see its magic by selecting in your PDF document the things that you only need. Just imagine being able to download a book on its PDF file. You won’t probably be able to read the whole thing, because you just need a part of it, right? That’s where GogoPDF’s Split PDF tool comes in. You will be able to split and just select the necessary parts. In that case, the next question that will come to your mind is: can it retain the same quality? This is one of the best features of GogoPDF: it can retain the original layout and format of your document.

How Easy Is It to Split PDF Using GogoPDF?

You read it right. It is fast and easy to use the Split PDF tool of GogoPDF. And it takes only four easy and quick steps to solve your problem in splitting your PDF file. It is just so nice to have this go-to online tool that can make our work easier and faster. It saves time so that we can do other things. GogoPDF provided everything on their website so that it will be available for all ages who need help with the PDF documents. Even beginners have the best option of choosing GogoPDF as their lifesaver with their PDF documents because every instruction provided on their website is easy to understand.

Four Easy Steps Using GogoPDF’s Split PDF Tool:

  1. Upon opening the website of GogoPDF and choosing the Split PDF option, you will see a blue box with the ‘Select File’ option. You may hit that button. Or, you can drag your selected PDF file and then drop it on the splitting area box.
  2. Decide on how you want to split up your PDF file and select the necessary pages that you need from your original PDF file. You can also split it into separate pages or you can remove specific pages directly. And then, click the appropriate button to start the extraction process.
  3. The waiting game begins. But hey, you do not have to wait for a couple of hours. GogoPDF will make it faster for us because it will just take the process several minutes to complete separating your PDF files into the number of pages that you desire.
  4. In a matter of minutes, the extraction process is done! And now, your newly split PDF file is ready to be saved in your Google Drive or Dropbox so that you will be able to download it on any device. Or, you also have the option to save it on the device you are working it on.

GogoPDF has made it so easy to split your PDF file so that you can also work efficiently and be able to manage your time accordingly and submit your files on time. There is just one thing that you have to make sure to avoid hassle: to make sure that you have a good internet connection.

Why Choose GogoPDF in Splitting Your PDF Files?

There are a lot of other online tools that you will see online. However, GogoPDF is one of the best you can find because it is reliable and efficient. Not to mention that it is also free of charge! As mentioned above, it will be able to produce a high-quality PDF document with the use of a stable internet connection.

And since GogoPDF is an online tool, you might have that little doubt that your uploaded file might be hacked or stolen and will be used for fraudulent activity. GogoPDF can assure you that your uploaded PDF files are in good hands because they follow their privacy policy strictly, and that is to automatically delete your files after an hour.

You may also be wondering if you can use it on Mac? Or Windows? And even Linux? Yes, you can. GogoPDF is compatible with these platforms. And more so, it can work smoothly on different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and a lot more.


GogoPDF has made itself known as being the online tool that you can work with efficiently. It undoubtedly assists its user by providing easy-to-understand directions. And if in the past, you had to struggle in working with PDF documents, or you had to buy expensive software just to get things done. GogoPDF has it all for you. So, we guess it’s time for you to visit GogoPDF’s website and check out the other features that you might need in the future.

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