Best free Streaming Services to Watch Movies

Watching movies on TV used to be the favorite past-time activity at our place. I remember my dad’s obsession with collecting movies, and how we had a whole cabinet filled with his favorite ones. We would watch new ones, and re-watch classics over the Christmas holidays, all of us sitting in front of one big screen. If I could ever go back in time, I would introduce my dad to Spectrum TV stream, and watch his reaction upon knowing that he can watch any movie he wants, anytime!

Times have changed. The Internet has made it possible for us to watch whatever movie we want to. But if you are someone who worries about the source of any free streaming service being legal or not, I have news for you. Now you can watch movies through totally legal ways. Yes, that’s right. You do not need to go to dangerous (virus-infected) websites or search online (that too, hopelessly) for free movies to watch.

This list has some of the best and safe streaming services for you!

Sony Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures, the name is self-explanatory: you can trust this streaming service when it comes to watching movies. They have numerous free movies to choose from, covering almost all the movies with your favorite stars in them.

Because the movie quality is good, you can watch them on any device and enjoy them thoroughly. You have to be a little patient because there are ads to support the content, but they are rare during watching feature films.

Few movie titles which are available to watch for free: The Blue Lagoon, The Devil’s Own, Boogeyman, Zodiac, Resident Evil, Shutter Island, Close Encounters of the Third King.


Second on our list of free movie streaming services is Popcornflix. What makes it special is the constant refreshing and addition of new movies happening all the time. It is backed up by Screen Media Ventures.

It offers hundreds of movies in different genres. You can watch horror, comedy, romance, family, or documentaries, whatever your mood desires. Film School originals are also available to watch. Interesting? Listen to this: you don’t even need an account for that! You can play any movie by just one click.

Few movie titles which are available to watch for free: Demon Seed, Raw Meat, Conduct Unbecoming, Rabid, Bed and Breakfast, Empty Space


Next on our list is Yidio. It is a website which offers numerous options to you for watching online movies. One of the options is specially designed to offer free movies to watch online. This website has made it quite convenient to choose movies based on their ratings. You can also choose by genre. You can choose to watch Classics, or Musical, Family, Western, or Indie, depending on your taste.

Few movie titles which are available to watch for free: The Reckoning, Hidden Moon, Femme Fatale, Parasite, Technotise, Jesse, Girl, The Three Dogateers


Let me introduce you to one of my favorite services to watch free online movies. Imagine finding 10k+ titles at a single place. Yes, that is this one. You can search using genre or if you already have a title in mind, by simply adding it to the search bar. You can also choose a title from the editor’s top picks. I found titles like Celebrate Pride, History Lessons, Before They Were Stars, from there.

Few movie titles which are available to watch for free: Lost for Life, the Corporation, Men in Love, Medea, Toys Will Be Toys, Alive Inside, Forever


Here’s another good one. This streaming service has numerous free movies and a wide collection of TV shows too. You also get the option to rent a movie instead of watching it for free, but most of the collection is free to watch. There are different genres you can choose from, such as New Releases, Movie Night, Indie Films, Not on Netflix, Trending, etc.

Few movie titles which are available to watch for free: Traded, Let Go, Rage, Bear, The Nut Job, Escape Plan, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Tales of Halloween, Dark Blue


And the last on the list, but a very good one, is Vudu. There are thousands of oof titles to choose from. Its only irritating feature is the commercials you have to go through. Most of the movies on Vudu are in 1080p resolution, so you won’t be giving up on quality for free stuff either.

Few movie titles which are available to watch for free: Cats and dogs, While you were Sleeping, Con Air, 30 Days of Night, Free Willy, Maggie, pearl Harbor, Shaun the Sheep Movie, Happy Feet, Ali

Was this helpful? All these free titles have juiced up my movie taste buds, and I’m calling their customer care right now to check out Spectrum cable packages and get mine renewed. What about you?

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