Updated Solution for Fixing Battery Draining Issues on iOS and Android in 2020

Complaints keep coming that the smartphone’s battery has been draining too quickly. Often, the issue is seen to occur even if you are not using the device too much. So, what exactly is the problem?

Well, smartphone devices, be it iPhone or Android, are made of electronic items and chips. Thus, many things can go wrong without our notice. If you are among these people, then you may be wondering what the solution is.

To be precise, the battery is one of the most important elements in a smartphone device. Thus, if it’s charged incorrectly, or roughly, the battery life can start to degrade soon. But there is always a solution and before proceeding to that, let us know about the device usage, and how it can affect the longevity of the battery life. Read more to know more.

What Causes Android and iPhone’s Battery Draining too Quick?

Let’s find out what causes the device to run out of battery so soon. Here are some of the common reasons you should be looking at:

1. Overcharging

For a long time, many device owners believe that charging your device overnight may extend the battery life. Or, for other reasons, users put their device on charge for the night so that they can have a full 100% charge bar by the morning. On the contrary, this affects the battery because the ions in a battery are in a constant state of pressure to remain at 100%. Gradually, the quality of the battery degrades. If the problem is serious, contact iPhone Repair Dubai for immediate assistance.

2. Applications

Another reason why the battery is draining out too fast is that there are multiple applications running. That being said, there are many heavy applications that sweep out a good amount of available battery.

3. Other Functions

Similar to applications running, there may be too many functions and in-built operations running in the background of your device. For example, location and screen brightness. This too can affect the battery life and consume most of it within the first hour, of a fully charged battery.

How to Resolve Battery Draining Problem in iOS & Android?

Now that you fully understand how battery life works and what may take up its charge, here are some easy solutions to resolve it.

1. Charge Device Optimally

Bear in mind that if you continue to discharge your battery and then again chargeback fully, then the battery life will reduce. That is why it is important that you charge your device optimally. This implies that instead of putting it in charge for the night, charge up till it’s 80%. And, let the battery drain upon your usage up to 50%. Make sure you don’t drain the battery fully to 0.

2. Dark Mode

For iOS users, the new Dark Mode can be of great use. The Dark Mode feature is starting to come out on many OS platforms so if you have it, you’re in luck. This mode can reduce battery intake by a long margin. Also, there are many applications that have Dark Mode feature in it, so apply the same in these applications as well. If you are unable to find the feature, get in touch with iPhone Repair Dubai for assistance

3. Check Usage of Battery

You can do wonders by just viewing which applications are draining out battery. So, in your iOS device, go to “Settings” and then visit “Battery”. In there, you will find how much charge is left and right at the top right corner, tap on the 3 dotted icons to visit “Battery Usage”. Now, the following list of the programs and applications is what you need to look at. Additionally, if you come to find that there are some applications running without your notice, uninstall them if they are of no use.

4. Use Power Saving Mode

In iOS, there is a feature called “Power Saving Mode”. This mode limits activity in your device to a minimum set. Using it would be helpful when you see your battery is running out too fast. Simply, go to “Settings’ and then visit the option called “Battery”. From there, go to the “Battery Saver” option and allow it to work. Now, the operation will reduce the activities in your device to keep your charge sustained longer.

5. Disable Location Service

As you know, all devices have GPS services that help to locate our location, it can also be a great cause behind battery drainage. For both iOS and Android, GPS can take up a lot of charges if it’s left on for too long. So, make sure to check if the series is on. If they are, then simply turn them off. You can do it from the top taskbar panel or you can also do it from “Settings”.

6. Reduce Screen Brightness

Screen Brightness is also a factor to consider when the battery is running out. A high level of screen brightness can take a lot of charges. This is because the use of light intensity increases while sucking out a good amount of charge. But keeping it on a low brightness level is also inconvenient for users. So, instead of that, you can switch to the auto-brightness feature. This feature, both on Android and iOS, can detect the environment light and set the brightness to a required level.

7. Turn Off Notifications

Notifications are like alerts that come with every application you install on your device. These notifications may seem harmless but at the same time, then consume a lot of battery charge. Especially more if they keep coming in from time to time. During crucial hours, you can simply reduce them by disabling them for a while. To do that, simply go to the “Settings” of your device and then go to “Apps”. Now, untick the box that says, “Show Notifications” for all the applications that you use.

8. Reduce Screen -Timeout

Both iOS and Android have features called Screen Timeout where the screen display sleeps after a certain amount of time until woken up again. If you come to find that the device is running out of charge, then you can simply reduce the time-out. For example, if it’s set to 5 minutes or 10 minutes, reduce it to 10 to 20 seconds on both OS platforms.


Battery draining can be a serious problem because not only does it affect battery life, but it can also affect the device in the long run. So, follow these tips wisely and if the problem continues to persist, then consider getting a battery replacement or repairing service done from nearby iPhone Repair Dubai agency.



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