Fascinating Twitter Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Since Twitter was launched in 2006, the social platform has managed to amass a considerable number of followers over the years.

With the total number of monthly active Twitter users crossing the 330 million mark in 2021, it is no doubt that Twitter is one of the largest social media networks in the World. This has attracted the interest of many entrepreneurs hoping to leverage the growing number of users to not only grow their profiles but also get conversions.

While twitter marketing can be easy for many, the lack of a clear strategy may make it difficult to achieve growth. So how can you leverage Twitter features to grow your business? Here is how!

Twitter ads

You can leverage the Twitter ads feature to grow your business. Instead of waiting for organic reach which may take time, the paid ads feature makes it easy to reach out to the target population easily.

Alternatively, you can choose to promote your tweets to reach out to a wider audience. All you need to do is pay a fee for the duration you want the post promoted. Just the same way users interact with organic content, paid tweets serve a similar purpose.

Promoting a tweet through an ad not only helps improve brand visibility but also directs users to your website even if they make not take action. The bottom line is that consistent posting and promoting your brand is ideal in growing your brand.

The more users interact with your brand the more they are likely to take some action. In that case, you are likely to improve conversion and achieve growth.

Identify The Right Time you Should Tweet

Just like any other social activity, you need to identify the most appropriate time you should schedule your tweets. This will easily optimize your marketing strategy and improve your chances of reaching out to the right audience.

In a study conducted by wiselytics, tweets reach up to 75% of the target audience within 3hrs after posting. This means if you want to improve your business through Twitter, you need to identify the right time that you should share your post.

Even though a tweet you made years back may remain on your timeline forever, they become invisible over time. In that case, you need to have a consistent tweet schedule to retain your followers on twitter. In short, post consistently and at the right time.

To identify the right time that you should post you can use available online social tools like sprouts viral post to get data about the activities of the audience. This will help you understand specific times that your audience is active to optimize your Twitter marketing campaign based on the data.

Use Hashtags

Tweets shared using hashtags are twice likely to induce engagement as those without. Hashtags are a great way of targeting individuals that may be interested in your business. In some cases, brands use niche-specific hashtags to target followers on platforms that offer similar services.

That way, you stand a chance to reach out to industry-specific populations who may convert to loyal customers.

However, you can use hashtags to label individual tweets or encourage followers to share. This is a great way of attracting customers who may be interested in your brand.

Schedule your Posts

Scheduling posts ahead of time increases the chances of improving engagement and virality for your content. To achieve impressive results from your Twitter marketing, you should schedule your posts to have a consistent flow of content at specific times.

While you should share at least one tweet in a day, a consistent flow of tweets plays a great role in achieving growth. In that case, you can use various available post-scheduling platforms like Timekit,sproutsocial, and many others. These tools are essential to help you run an effective marketing strategy on Twitter.

A Twitter scheduling tool helps you run a smooth content calendar thereby improving your brand visibility. That way, you stand a chance to acquire more clients and achieve growth.

Generally, sharing valuable information about various products or services you offer can play a perfect trick in getting new customers for your business.

Asking Questions

Tweeting questions related to customer experience about your brand is also effective in inducing engagement. All you can do is ask questions and retweet the responses. Alternatively, you can share helpful tips that can help clients solve various problems.

Engage followers

Being active and responding to client queries improves the credibility of your brand. This way, you can easily earn the loyalty of followers who are likely to become customers. With increased engagement on your marketing tweets, you are likely to appeal to the target audience and get conversions.

Additionally, with increased engagement, your target audience is likely to share your marketing messages through retweets.

While it may be difficult to engage every follower on the Twitter account, being proactive helps you strengthen the relationship with your prospects. Therefore as you share marketing messages, remember to engage your audience and offer any other valuable information they may need about your products.

Target industry-specific followers

When running your marketing campaign, ensure you target industrial-specific followers. This will make it easier for you to not only improve get conversions but also achieve growth. The end goal is to acquire as many clients as possible through the Twitter handle.


Twitter marketing can be a daunting task for those who do not understand the ropes. If you find yourself struggling to grow your business through other social media platforms, then it’s high time you try out Twitter.

The social platform has excellent technological features that you can leverage to not only acquire more clients for your business but also improve conversions.

All you need is to grow your Twitter handle through buying likes from reliable dealers like boostlikes.co.  That way, you stand a chance to run a successful marketing campaign and achieve exponential growth for your business.

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