Is Electrical Panel Upgrade Important?

With the advent of technological innovations, it is worthwhile to consider upgrading your service panel. The question shouldn’t even be “is electrical panel upgrade important?” but “how soon can I upgrade my electrical panel?”.

Not long ago, 60-amp panels fit family needs. These days, even 100-amp units aren’t enough for single-room apartments.

You have laptops to charge, TVs to watch, and a range of other high-voltage consuming appliances.

So, yes, an upgrade to your service panels is critical – and you should get one from an expert electrician soon.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

It Is A Requirement

If you ever consider getting insurance for your properties, then the old 60-amp fuse box wouldn’t suffice. As a general rule, insurance providers request that you upgrade your service panels to a minimum of 100-amp. Or at least a switch that regulates use and overuse. Why?

60-amp panels run at a risk of overheating. When they happen under no supervision, it could lead to a fire outbreak. That would result in the loss of your properties.

Now, is that what you’re willing to risk?

Besides insurance, even the CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) has strict requirements for an electrical upgrade. How so?

CEC mandates that you install arc fault protection in your home for safety purposes. For such aids, you have to upgrade your service panels.

It Enhances Real Estate Value

Who knows, you might finally be tired of your environment and need to relocate. You might want to move from Richmond Hills, for example, to Montreal in Quebec.

In that case, you would want to recoup as much money as possible on your current home. But if you don’t upgrade the electrical panel in such a house, you would suffer a loss.

Or say you were a buyer, would you buy a house at a pricey rate knowing you’d yet pay for a service panel upgrade?

Besides, a prospective buyer would think of an old electrical panel as a souvenir of the archaic things that remain yet unseen. So, to avoid that, it is wise to get an upgrade and move to Montreal smiling. Then you should take action and hire a professional electrician today.

New Upgrades Are Cool

Do you know when 60-amp fuse boxes came into place? In the 19th century!

Unless you have a professional electrician as a best friend, no one would even like to fix those antiquities. For a start, they are hectic to repair or reset.


Furthermore, old panels don’t have the capabilities to adapt to the electrical requirements of modern appliances. They are just from different technology worlds.


Lastly, 60-amps panels often suffer inadequacies to support effective circuit breakers. For example, they are even not compatible with GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)!


So, what do you still think? Is electrical upgrade important?

The answer is a resounding yes, eh?


Then you should take action and hire a professional electrician today. Now, there are options you can upgrade to:

  • 100-amps, or
  • 200-amps


Ordinarily, there are guiding rules for which of the two modern electrical panels to use. Nevertheless, it is best that you consult an expert before deciding which to buy.

When you do, the experts will inspect your home and give professional advice on what to do. So, don’t sleep on this. Get your electrical panel upgrade now.

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