Get Better At Last Hitting + Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular MOBA games currently available on mobile. The game takes inspiration from behemoths like SMITE, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Now, the game has over a million concurrent players, with it being extremely popular for its emphasis on fast-based strategy-based combat with its twists. Just like other MOBAs, the game features different playable characters, each with their roles and unique skills and items that differentiate them from each other.

The game itself is primarily based on unique character compositions, drafting, and game sense. Therefore, you will need a sound and strategic mind to top the Mobile Legends leaderboards: Bang Bang. Alongside strategic elements, the game prides itself by providing players with a mechanically intensive experience where having the proper skill to understand and decipher a hero’s essence can make all the difference between winning and losing a fight. For example, learning how to hit last can be quite valuable, especially as you get to higher brackets where missing one creep can spell the difference between living and dying.

How to Last Hit Effectively?

How to Last Hit Effectively
The last-hitting effectively in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a straightforward affair as characters in the game generally have higher base damage than other MOBA games. However, there are still a few tips you can take advantage of to get better at last hitting effectively.

Firstly, understanding attack animations and turn rates in the game can help you become an effective last hitter. As soon as you hit a minion, your character moves towards them and gets them in their attack range. Next, they face towards the minion to finally start attacking after a particular animation delay. If you are playing a ranged character, you also need to account for attack projectiles and their speeds.

As such, knowing your attack animation, speed, and turn rates can help increase your timing by a significant margin. Accounting for them helps you get a knack so that you do not over-commit to last hitting.

Next, you should never be tunnel-visioned on a particular lane creep or an act you perform in the planning stage. For example, fixating on just one minion and looking at their health constantly can inhibit you from getting vital last hits that you otherwise could have easily gotten.

Lastly, securing last hits with your skills is frowned upon in lower ranks as most believe that it will affect their overall presence in the lane as they will have lower amounts of mana. However, in most cases, each character in the entire game is balanced so that they have at least one skill that they can spam reliably, which won’t affect their overall mana gain. As you get better at the game and rank up, you will not secure the enemy team’s last hits without taking in a lot of damage.

In these cases, knowing about your limits and using your skills efficiently helps you secure last hits, which makes you stay relevant in the game even if you are unable to contest every single last hit.

LDPlayer and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Bang Bang
LDPlayer is an Android Emulator considered one of the oldest and most supported emulators in the market. The Emulator provides dedicated support for MOBBAs like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. While not all players can be good at last hitting, you can still use some of the exclusive features LDPlayer offers to get an edge over the competition. Here are some of the features help you enjoy Mobile Legend on PC:

  • LDPlayer is known for its performance optimizations and general dedicated support by the developers. Therefore, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang runs extremely well on the player with support to up to 144 FPS in the game with no real issues.
  • The Emulator offers dedicated key binds for all users who boot up the game. Therefore, you change your controls to whatever you please no matter what previous MOBA you played on your PC. In any case, you should customize and change all aspects of the game and Emulator to better suit your needs at any given point. 


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an immensely popular MOBA that has taken the gaming world by storm. While the last hitting in the game can be quite tempting, especially for newer players, the features that LDPlayer provides can make things much easier. Having a sound and calm mindset while trying to take the last hitting and not being too fixated on a single lane or minion can make all the difference between being an absolute monster at last hitting and not being able to kill minions at all.

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