Keep Back Up For Your Daily Dose of Activities Before it Gets Lost



While working regularly on a system, one thing most people forget or ignore is to take a backup for all their files. Therefore, sooner or later, they have to regret their decision, when an accident lost their important information.

So, considering people’s concerns, here we can with important information regarding what is backup, why do you need it, what are different options for backup. With this, you will also learn how to maximize your external storage device memory.

What is backup?

Backup is an alternative source to restore your documents such as files, photos, videos, or applications when the main source is not working. The reasons for nonworking could be a system error, malware effect, or accidental loss. So, backup helps you to use and manage documents when they are needed.

Why do you need to take backup?

Most people do not bother to take backup and only realize the importance of backup when the main source of data is not available or malfunctioning. Sometimes, unable to present presentation results is gifting your business to competitors. So, whether you are taking backup for personal or professional purposes, restoring information always serves you with the best results.

There are certainly other benefits of saving information into external memory that you won’t need to struggle with time wastage for rewriting reports. Moreover, with peace of mind, backup protects information from cybercrime, system crashes, or disasters. You can easily retrieve data in case of unfavorable circumstances.

Different Options For Backup

When planning for a backup, lots of options come to mind. So, considering your needs, here we will discuss the best backup options that suit everyone’s needs. You can choose the right based on your need and preference.

  1. iCloud Storage

iCloud storage is the first option that comes to every Mac user. Apple offers 5GB free iCloud storage to every customer with the creation of an apple id on their iDevice. So, if you are using a Mac, choose iCloud to store important files. The best part of using cloud storage is that you can access documents anytime and anywhere. All you need to log in to iDevice with an apple id and password.

  1. Time Machine

Time Machine is a built-in application that is used to transfer Mac data into external devices. Which means you have to buy additional storage devices to save files. Using a time machine is the safest way to handle data anywhere. All you need to connect a time machine to an external memory device and define automatic data transfer timings. Initially, it will take time and later, work faster than ever to transfer information.

  1. Google Photos

Google photo is a great option to save photos in cloud storage. To save media files in Google Photos, you need to create an account on Google and give a command to send files. Keep in mind, Google Drive space offers you a 15GB data storage facility, so if you are able to compress your files, you can save an unlimited amount of pictures.


Keeping backup for every document is a great initiative to save and use files anywhere. So keep a copy of your every information in iCloud, Time Machine, or Google Photos for safekeeping. Remember, do not forget to compress files and remove duplicate files while transferring, it saves time and external device memory.

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